St Francis of Assisi

Our Patron Saint

In the rich tapestry of Catholic saints, few figures shine as brightly as St Francis of Assisi. His life and teachings continue to inspire and guide us, even in the 21st century. As our College bears the name of this remarkable saint, it is essential that we reflect on his legacy and the enduring lessons we can draw from his extraordinary life.

St Francis, born Giovanni di Pietro di Bernardone in 1181, experienced a profound transformation in his early years. He began as a carefree young man, enjoying the pleasures of life and aspiring to be a knight. However, his encounter with Christ and a life-changing dream led him on a different path. He renounced his worldly possessions and embraced a life of poverty and simplicity, living in radical solidarity with the poor and marginalised.

St Francis recognised that true joy comes from serving others and that love, humility, and compassion are the keys to living a meaningful life.

At St Francis Catholic College, we are called to emulate the spirit of our patron saint. In a world marked by division, materialism, and environmental challenges, St Francis' message of poverty, humility, and care for all of God's creation is more relevant than ever. As we walk in his footsteps, let us remember a few essential lessons from his life.


St Francis embraced a life of simplicity, valuing spiritual wealth over material possessions. We, too, can strive for a simpler and more balanced life that focuses on what truly matters.

Love for All Creation

St Francis’ deep love for nature and all living beings reminds us of our responsibility to care for our planet and its inhabitants. Let us be stewards of God's creation, working to protect and preserve it for future generations.

Service to Others

The saint's dedication to serving the poor and vulnerable calls us to be compassionate and generous in our own lives. We can find fulfilment and purpose by reaching out to those in need, both in our local community and beyond.

Peace and Reconciliation

St Francis’ commitment to peace and reconciliation teaches us the importance of resolving conflicts and promoting harmony in our relationships and the world.

As members of St Francis Catholic College, we are entrusted with the mission of embodying these principles in our daily lives. 

We draw inspiration from the life of St Francis and strive to be instruments of peace, love, and hope in our College community and the wider world.