Student Leadership

The College has a vibrant student leadership environment designed to promote self-confidence and develop skills in decision making.

The Senior Student Leadership Team/Student Representation Council (SRC) are responsible for providing a student voice with the guidance of the Student Leadership Coordinator.

There are many opportunities for students to be involved in leadership activities. 

There is an expectation that all student representatives will lead by example, seek to serve others and will be proactive in the area of community service. 

As role models for their peers, our student leaders strive to:

    • Participate fully in College life by leading and taking part in events and activities including masses, sports carnivals, performances and exhibitions, competitions, social justice initiatives and community service;
    • Promote the College by hosting school tours for prospective students and their parents;
    • Engage with students by running year level and whole school assemblies;
    • Represent the College at community and other public events;
    • Show courtesy and respect to staff, students, parents and members of the community;
    • Wear the College uniform correctly at all times;
    • Show endeavour in their studies.