Publications and Forms

2024 Subject Selection Handbook

Our Subject Selection Handbook is an overview of the learning and teaching programs that will be offered at the College in 2024.

This guide is designed to provide a clear explanation of all subject offerings for students in Years 10 to 12 and all the information students and their parents and guardians will need to make informed choices about selecting courses of study.

Additional documents

VCE & VCE VM Policy Handbook 2024

Home Study Policy v3 0 2023

Promotion Policy v2 0 2023

Acceleration Policy VCE Units v1 0 2022

Year 9 Gadal Handbook

This handbook provides information about the Year 9 Gadal Program at the College.

Parent Handbook

The College has compiled a Parent Handbook that includes procedures, policies and other guides on topics commonly accessed by parents and guardians. It is designed to help you and your child navigate day-to-day life at the College.