Bernard House

St Bernard of Clairvaux

Feast Day: 20 August

House Colour: Orange

House Leader Melton Campus - Jo Clinton

House Leader Cobblebank Campus - Lauren Marett

Mentor Group teachersMelton Campus
Bernard 1Sam Tammaro
Bernard 2Tony Gavran
Bernard 3Simone Bennett
Bernard 4

Emily Kiss

Bernard 5Mikaela Hurst
Bernard 6Sandra Carey/Leah Thorburn
Bernard 7

Kali Joyce

Mentor Group teachersCobblebank Campus
Bernard 1Jonathon Antony
Bernard 1Jessica Meegama

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About St Bernard

St Bernard (1090-1153) is founder of the Cistercian Abbey of Clairvaux and had significant influence in decisions around church reform during a period of antipopes. St Bernard was born into a wealthy landowning family, who ingrained in him a deep respect of mercy, justice and loyal service to others.

Upon his mother’s death, Bernard began his “long path to complete conversion” choosing to leave his literary education and pursue a life of solitude and simplicity by joining the Cistercians.

Bernard led the establishment of a monastery at Clairvaux, and began his writings and sermons. He founded a total of 163 Cistercian monasteries in his lifetime. Due to his considerable presence in the Church at large, Bernard promoted the second crusade, which ultimately failed as the crusaders did not share Bernard’s integrity of motive.

St Bernard became a Doctor of the Church in 1830 due to his extensive writings. He is the patron saint of Cistercians, beekeepers, candlemakers and Queen’s College, Cambridge. He is commonly depicted wearing the Cistercian garments with a white dog, a small demon or holding a cross, book or crozier. 

His true calling was to invite others to know and love God more deeply.

House Prayer

St Bernard, help us to be committed to our spiritual and learning journey through the virtues of humility, love and servant leadership.

Guide us to seek knowledge in order to serve, so that others may see God the Creator in our daily lives and actions.

May we who show love grow to resemble it.

St Bernard of Clairvaux, pray for us.