Year 10 - 12

The senior secondary pathway reform that will come into effect in 2023 will bring even greater flexibility for students when selecting their future study choices.

In 2023 the College will offer VCE and the new VCE Vocational Major (VCE VM) and the Victorian Pathways Certificate (VPC). These new senior year programs will provide students with a more tailored and rigorous program of study in their final years.

The VCE VM will retain the best aspects of the VCAL program - that is, the applied learning and vocational options but will have the added benefit of allowing students to combine VCE units into their program.

This increased choice will enable students to gain experiences that prepare them for future employment pathways.

The Victorian Pathways Certificate (VPC) is an inclusive Year 11 and 12 standards-based certificate that meets the needs of a smaller number of students who are not yet able or ready to complete the VCE (including the VCE VM).

Offering these two new certificates alongside the traditional VCE suite of subjects will allow all senior students to select a pathway that best suits their strengths and interests.

Year 10

In Year 10, students can select from various career pathways that suit their skills and interests.

Year 10 forms the foundation for a student’s Victorian Certificate of Education (VCE), VCE Vocational Major (VCE VM) or Victorian Pathways Certificate PC (VPC).

There are two pathways for students in this year level:


In this pre-VCE and VCE VM pathway students have core subjects (including English, Mathematics, Religion & Society Unit 1), and can choose from electives and VET subjects.

All students undertake their first VCE subject, Unit 1 Religion and Society. This provides them with an opportunity to experience the expectations of a VCE subject.

Students who meet selection criteria may also accelerate in another VCE Unit 1 and 2 subject as part of the Year 10 course.

Work experience is also an integral part of the Year 10 curriculum. Students are encouraged to find employment in a role they wish to pursue in future years.


Vincit aims to prepare students for the VPC in Year 11 and 12. It enables students to develop knowledge and employment skills to prepare them for work and participation in broader society – family, community and lifelong learning.

Students who fit the criteria for the VPC will be invited to participate in the Vincit program. A parent meeting is required for entry.

Core subjects include English, Maths, Religion, Personal Wellbeing, Education in Action and the student’s chosen VET subject. Students attend the College four days a week and TAFE on a Wednesday. They also complete one week of Work Experience in terms 2, 3 and 4.

Year 11 and 12

Our students can pursue a learning program in any or a combination of the following in their final years of schooling:

The Victorian Certificate of Education (VCE)

The VCE is typically a two-year program of study undertaken during the final two years of secondary education. It is a recognised qualification for entry to further studies at university or TAFE or for movement into the workforce.

The Victorian Certificate of Education Vocational Major (VCE VM)

The VCE Vocational Major (VM) will replace the Victorian Certificate of Applied Learning (VCAL) in 2023.

It is an applied learning program that gives students choice and flexibility, allowing them to tailor their program to their strengths and vocational aspirations.

It acknowledges that Vocational and Applied Learning pathways are high-quality choices for all students and strengthens perceptions and understanding of senior school certificates in the community.

Students complete studies in the fields of Literacy, Numeracy, Work Related Skills, Personal Development Skills and a Vocational Education and Training (VET) certificate.

Vocational Education and Training (VET)

VET subjects can be combined with either VCE or VCE VM pathways of study. Students completing a VCE VM pathway are required to complete some VET units of study.

VET subjects provide a nationally recognised qualification that can be used to gain employment or lead to further study at a TAFE institute after completing secondary school.

Many VET subjects also provide credits towards calculation of the Australian Tertiary Admissions Rank (ATAR).

Western Edge Cluster

The Western Edge Cluster (WEC) provides quality Vocational Education and Training (VET) programs for secondary school students.

​The Cluster comprises nine Government, Independent and Catholic schools, including St Francis Catholic College. The WEC arrangement is founded on a spirit of cooperation and to provide a wider breadth of learning opportunities for all our senior secondary students.

Subject and program selection begins in Term 3 each year. Visit to read more about the courses available.

Victorian Pathways Certificate

The VPC is an inclusive Year 11 and 12 standards-based certificate that meets the needs of a smaller number of students who are not able or ready to complete the VCE (including the VCE VM). Students will be guided into this pathway based on their individual educational needs.

VPC provides an enriched curriculum and excellent support for students to develop the skills, capabilities and qualities for success in personal and civic life.

The VPC is suitable for students whose previous schooling experience may have been disrupted for a variety of reasons, including students with additional needs, students who have missed significant periods of learning and vulnerable students at risk of disengaging from their education.

While the VPC is not a senior secondary qualification, it can be a pathway to the VCE.

To find out more about the College’s complete range of senior subjects and pathways, please view the handbook below.