St Francis Catholic College, formerly Catholic Regional College Melton*, is a multi-campus, co-educational secondary school. 

Our Melton West Campus opened in 1980 and caters for 1200 students in Years 7 to 12. Our Cobblebank Campus opened in 2023 and has 350 students in Years 7 and 8 in 2024. It will grow to accommodate up to 1500 Year 7-12 students by 2028. 

The College provides education for students in the Melton, Melton South and Bacchus Marsh parishes and embraces the charism of St Francis of Assisi.

*Catholic Regional College Melton changed its name to St Francis Catholic College, as directed by its governance authority, Melbourne Archdiocese Catholic Schools. It is no longer connected by name or governance to the Federation of Catholic Regional College schools. After working with stakeholders in 2021, the new name was approved by the Archbishop and officially launched in January 2023.

Our Vision

Our vision is to have every student come to know that each has an inherent human dignity as they are all made in the image and likeness of God.

Our Mission

At St Francis Catholic College, our mission is that students come to understand that they are deeply loved by God.

We want to equip students with the skills and disposition that allow them to flourish and make a meaningful contribution to our local and global society.

We will develop in our students a desire to be models of Christ, called to place their faith into action.

We will challenge our students to follow the teachings of our Lord Jesus Christ, walk in his footsteps and in the words of St Francis to “preach the Gospel at all times and where necessary use words”.

The College nurtures the personal, spiritual, and academic growth of each individual in its community in an atmosphere of faith, care, challenge and encouragement.

We foster the growth of personal worth and develop the gifts of students through the pursuit of prayer, knowledge, communication and service.

While respecting individual differences, we challenge each other to use our talents to benefit all in our community.

We develop in students an appreciation for quality education and teach each to embrace inclusion.

We also promote personal excellence, self-discipline, resilience and a sense of responsibility. This is displayed in our respect and concern for the wellbeing of all.

In fulfilling our mission, St Francis Catholic College - the students, parents and staff - will be a visible and ongoing sign of God’s presence in the world.

      While respecting individual differences, we challenge each other to use our talents in the best way possible.

      Our goals for all our students are:

      • to instil Catholic values and a desire to live out faith in action
      • to create active and informed citizens
      • to nurture a lifelong love of learning
      • to enhance critical  and creative thinking
      • Learning through experience
      • to provide flexible and contemporary pathways for each student
      • to nurture students to become resilient and respectful individuals.

      Our Philosophy

      Our founding Principal, Sr Helen Reed, described the school’s philosophy as follows:

      "In this Catholic school we would aim through our education and our teaching of the Catholic faith to create a Christian educational community where human knowledge, enlightened and enlivened by faith, is shared by teachers, students and parents in a spirit of freedom and love".

      This goal continues to be worth striving for and we do so with faith and hope, knowing that Christ is the source of our efforts and our unity.

      As a Catholic school, we aim to:

      • show the vital place of faith in living
      • offer experience of prayer and worship
      • develop values of empathy, community and endeavour.

      College Logo

      Our logo tells the story of St Francis of Assisi and our College, while pointing toward our future development.

      The shield at the base of the logo symbolises St Francis’ early years as a soldier.

      As a fighter in the crusades, Francis’ zeal for the campaigns speaks of his devotion to the Christian cause. After being captured and held captive for two years, Francis underwent a change of heart.

      The next symbol on our logo is the Tau cross - a sign of conversion. After his capture and imprisonment for two years, St Francis no longer wished to pursue military life and instead dedicated himself to Christ. This Tau cross is a Franciscan symbol he used as his personal signature. For Francis, conversion implied a turning toward God and turning to one’s brothers and sisters.

      The thinner black cross connects us to our current logo and is a reminder of the rich history of the past 42 years.

      The Franciscan belt hung on the cross speaks to the Franciscan order established by St Francis.

      Underneath the shield, the book of the gospels is represented. Purposefully placed below the shield and open, the book of the gospels underpins all that we do at the College. The Gospels are our base and foundation. The book is open, symbolising the lived experience that St Francis Catholic College students will encounter.

      As the patron saint of ecology, St Francis had a deep affection for flora and fauna and all of God’s creation. We include the symbol of the Eucalyptus Macrocarpa or grey box native to the western parts of Melbourne. With a small forest protected and managed since 1988 between Melton and Eynesbury, the symbol connects the College to the local area. It reminds us of our obligation to care for our environment.

      Our new logo has a powerful narrative that will be unpacked for students in the coming years.

      The rich symbolism and deep messages will help our students understand the core values of the Catholic education they receive at St Francis Catholic College.

      You can watch all the elements of our logo come together in this animation.