St Francis Catholic College has a number of policies in place to ensure the safety and wellbeing of all members of the College community. Copies of these policies are available below.

If you need further information please contact us on (03) 8099 6000.

Privacy Policy
Privacy Policy and Procedures v2 0 2023
Care, Safety and Welfare of Students
Medical Management Policy School Level Policy Template v1 0 2022
Administration of Medication to Students Procedures v1 0 2022
MACS Medical Management Policy Communication Plan v1 0 2022
Medication Authority Form v2 0 2022
MACS Pastoral care of students Policy v2 0 2022
School Anaphylaxis Policy v2 0 2022
School Supervision Policy v2 0 2022
MACS Duty of Care Guidelines v2 0 2022
School Anti bullying Policy Including Cyberbullying v2 0 2022
MACS Attendance Policy v2 0 2022
School Student Behaviour Policy v2 0 2022
ICT Acceptable Usage Policy v2 0 2022

Child Safety
Child Safety and Wellbeing Policy v2 0 2022
Child Safety Code of Conduct v3 0 2022
Child Safety and Wellbeing Record Keeping Policy v1 0 2022
Engaging Families in Child Safety Policy v1 0 2022
Recruitment Policy v2 0 2022
PROTECT Identifying and Responding to Abuse Reporting Obligations Policy v3 0 2022
Procedure for Ensuring that Staff Are Informed about Mandatory Reporting Obligations v2 0 2022
MACS Reporting Criteria Failure to Disclose Guidelines v1 0 2021
School Internal School Process for Mandatory Reporting v1 0 2021
Reportable Conduct Policy v2 0 2022
Four Critical Actions for Schools Responding to Incidents Disclosures and Suspicions of Child Abuse v1 0 2021

Curriculum Provision Assessment and Reporting to Parents MACS Schools v2 0 2022

Enrolment Policy Enrolment Procedures for MACS Schools v2 0 2023
Enrolment Policy Secondary Schools v2 0 2023
Enrolment Policy Parent Guardian Carer Code of Conduct v3 0 2023
Enrolment Policy Student Code of Conduct v2 0 2023
Enrolment Agreement Secondary Schools v2 0 2023
MACS School Fees and charges policy


MACS Working Together In Mission Charter for parishes and schools in the Archdiocese of Melbourne
School Advisory Council Manual
MACS Code of Conduct for School Advisory Council members v1 0 2021
School Advisory Council Terms of Reference multiple parishes v 1 0 2021
School Philosophy Statement v1 0 2021
Suspension, Negotiated Transfer & Expulsion of Students
Suspension of Students Policy v2 0 2022
Negotiated Transfer of Students Policy v2 0 2022
Expulsion of Students Policy v2 0 2022
Complaints handling
MACS Complaints Handling Policy for Schools v3 0 2022
Complaints Handling Policy v3 0 2022
Complaint form for initial point of contact v2 0 2022
Digital Devices Policy v2 0 2023
Inclusion and Diversity Policy and Procedures v2 0 2023
Statement of Principles Regarding Catholic Education
SFCC Employment Collection Notice v2 0 2022