Personalised Learning

St Francis Catholic College recognises that all students have individual learning needs.

Targeted and specific support for students is provided in a broad range of subjects and through literacy strategies. This occurs through differentiation in the classroom.

We take a whole-school approach for those students who benefit from additional support in their learning journey.

Student Support Services

The role of Student Support Services is to address the learning needs of any student facing individual challenges.

The team works collaboratively with teaching staff to provide a learning environment for students that acknowledges and supports different needs and skills through focused and targeted teaching.

The aim is to cater to a student's learning requirements to help them succeed academically, socially and emotionally.

Our team consists of a Cross Campus Learning Diversity Leader and three Learning Diversity Assistants.

The team can help teachers adjust or modify tasks and assessments and support teachers and students in the classroom to implement these personalised programs.

English as an Additional Language

The English as an Additional Language (EAL) Team works with teachers and students to provide support for their learning and educational growth, including EAL English pathways.