Students at St Francis Catholic College have access to a wide range of engaging experiences and pathways throughout their learning journey at the College.

Contemporary learning is at the forefront of the opportunities we provide, including developing skills in innovation, creativity, critical and ethical thinking, teamwork and collaboration.

Digital technologies foster a connection to the broader community and our global society.

Underpinning our work are the core values of instilling a love of lifelong learning, creating a sense of hope and nurturing strong aspirations in every student.

With an expectation of excellence, students are challenged and encouraged in their learning opportunities at each year level and pathway. In partnership with families, students develop responsibility for their learning to achieve personal and academic success.

The Victorian Curriculum, introduced across all learning areas in Years 7 to 10, acknowledges that student needs and interests will vary and allows for planning a curriculum that responds to this.

The capabilities have been embedded into the curriculum of the relevant learning areas. Combined with the content, they provide the knowledge and skills students need to live successfully in their world.

Our students describe their learning experiences at the College as diverse, vibrant and inclusive. They are encouraged to be curious, open-minded and develop their strengths.

Some students will benefit from more help in their learning journey, and the College has developed a whole-school approach to support these students. Opportunities for extra support in learning include the assistance of learning support officers in the classroom, English as an Additional Language (EAL) Pathway Program, and Mathematics and Homework clubs. VCE teachers run tutorials at lunchtime and the Tutor Learning Initiative supports Year 7-10 students.

Our Mathematics Program caters to individual needs with targeted differentiation. Students are encouraged to challenge themselves in every classroom through the scaffolding of activities that foster higher-order thinking and creativity.

Digital technology

In the contemporary learning environment at St Francis Catholic College, students have a digital device and access to specialist computer laboratories to enhance IT and design-related programs. Access to the internet and technical support is provided to all students to support learning and eLearning using their device.

In 2023, the College became the first school in Melbourne's west to launch a state-of-the-art Lumination Lab, transforming a traditional classroom into a high-tech, immersive lab where students use virtual reality headsets instead of textbooks to experience the curriculum like never before.

Elite Sports Academy

The College has an Elite Sports Academy to cater for athletes from all sporting codes.

The program allows students to focus on strength and conditioning, supplementing the sport they are participating in outside the College. The course consists of a fully structured program from Year 9 through to Year 12. Students complete a VET Certificate lll in Sport and Recreation, Level 1 Sports Trainer certification and full First Aid and CPR certification.