Alexandria Resource Centre

The Alexandria Resource Centre provides our students with a range of physical and digital resources.

Students from both campuses have access to these either on-site at Melton or via a mobile service to Cobblebank.

The Alexandria Resource Centre provides access to many databases and digital collections, allowing students to satisfy all learning needs outside school hours.

Digital videos are available through the ClickView program, and eBooks and audiobooks can be found via the Wheelers platform.

Resource Centre staff deliver all required curriculum and learning support, both in person and online, through the Library Management System and the St Francis Catholic College Library webpage.

Students can access the Alexandria Resource Centre Infiniti Library Platform by logging in here.

Melton Campus students have access to the resource centre from 8.20am to 4pm each day.

Resource centre staff visit Cobblebank Campus on Mondays during Big Break to deliver reservations and pick up books and other items borrowed by students.