Melton Campus Psychology Students Visit Melbourne Zoo

Our Melton Campus Year 10 Pre-Psychology students visited the Melbourne Zoo last week to further explore ethics and qualitative and quantitative analysis.

They participated in two workshops evaluating the positive welfare of zoo animals and developed a hypothesis predicting whether captive orangutans would be more or less active than those in the wild.

They spent time observing and recording behaviours such as grooming, conflict or competition, foraging or locomotion. It was a fabulous day, and we thank the students for engaging in the activities and representing the College so well.

Here’s what our students had to say:

"Going to the Melbourne Zoo opened my eyes to the ethical principles needed to keep

the animals happy and healthy. We saw a range of animals, from orangutans to elephants, and the keepers showed us how ethics were followed in caring for each of them. This was a really good opportunity for me to see how ethical guidelines and principles come into play in real scenarios." Abbey

"This was such a great learning experience. We had the opportunity to observe and learn about animals' behaviour and identify dependent, independent, and extraneous variables. We had many discussions about ethics, and we had the opportunity to work in groups to observe the animals and collect our own qualitative and quantitative data for future classes." Erin

Simone Bennett, Imra Banu and Laura Powell

Melton Campus Year 10 Psychology Team

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