Weekly Reflection

This week again we find our community in lockdown with all its uncertainty.

Turning to the Lord in prayer in such trying times will help salve all our concerns.

A Prayer in Difficult Times

Lord, you know all that we are dealing with. You know that there are things happening beyond our control.

Please help us to accept what we can’t change. Help us to turn worry time to prayer time.

Please help us all so these things do not hinder our joy. Help us keep our eyes fixed on you.

We give all our stress over to you. We give you all our disappointments, our frustrations and sadness and ask for you peace.

May your will be done, in Jesus’ name. Amen

Shaun Coates

Director of Catholic Identity

From the Principal

National Principles for Child Safe Organisations

Principle 3: Families and communities are informed and involved in promoting child safety and wellbeing.

As of February 2019, the National Principles for Child Safe Organisations have been endorsed by members of the Council of Australian Governments, including the Prime Minister and state and territory First Ministers.

The principles aim to provide a nationally consistent approach to creating organisational cultures that foster child safety and wellbeing.

These 10 standards replace the previous seven Victorian standards. The aim of both however is to ensure the safety of the students in our care.

This has always been a core value of a Catholic school.

The Lord will protect you from all evil; He will keep your soul. Psalm 121:7

The National Principles reflect ten child safe standards recommended by the Royal Commission into Institutional Responses to Child Sexual Abuse and are the vehicle for giving effect to recommendations relating to the standards.

The National Principles have a broader scope that goes beyond child sexual abuse to cover other forms of potential harm to children and young people.

In our staff meeting this week, we will review the 10 standards, so everyone has a deeper understanding of what it means to embed Child Safety as part of the culture of our College.

A guide for parents published by the Australian Government is available below.

Child Safe Organisation Guide for Parents and Carers

Marlene Jorgensen


Looking Ahead

Dates to remember
Wednesday 21 JulyYear 11 2022 Information Evening, 7pm (online)
Monday 26 JulyStudent Home Study Day - no classes
Staff Professional Learning Day (online)
Wednesday 28 JulyStudents return to on-site classes (to be confirmed subject to government restrictions)
VINCIT and VCAL Interviews (online)
Year 11 2022 family interviews (online)
Parents and Friends meeting (online)
Thursday 29 JulyGeneral Achievement Test (GAT) - VCE Unit 3/4 students
Year 10 2022 Information Evening, 7pm (online)

View the full College Calendar


Semester 1 reports

Parents and guardians can now login to the College parent portal PAM to view their child’s Semester 1 report.

Year 11 2022 Information Evening

This event will now be held online via Microsoft Team tomorrow evening, Wednesday 21 July from 7pm.

Year 10 2022 Information Evening

This event will now be held online via Microsoft Teams on Thursday 28 July from 7pm. The same applies for VINCIT/VCAL interviews on Wednesday 28 July.

Distance Learning Mode (DLM) and College operations during lockdown

Families are reminded that all information relating to DLM and updates on College operations during lockdowns will be sent via email. Emails are sent to the address provided in your PAM account. If you are not receiving communications from the College, please check your Junk folder or contact us on 8099 6000 for further assistance.

From the Deputy Principal Student Wellbeing

As we enter another round of Distance Learning Mode (DLM), it is a timely reminder to monitor your child’s use of devices and ensure their online activity is respectful towards others.

There are many occasions when students write insensitive comments, send hurtful images, or make cruel videos about other students, which can cause a lot of upset and distress.

However, your child still needs to use their device to learn online and stay connected with their friends. It is crucial we work in partnership when it comes to the education of your child and the world of technology.

Below are some resources on the eSafety Commissioner's website that can help you have an open discussion with your child.

Online safety tips for young people

Online safety advice for parents and carers

eSafety's Parent Guide to Cyberbullying and Online Drama

eSafety's Cyberbullying and Online Drama videos


Team, catch up individual and family photographs are booked for Monday 16 August. If you would like your child to have their individual photograph or missed out on a family photograph, please email me your details cbullen@sfcc.vic.edu.au

Cheryl Bullen

Deputy Principal Student Wellbeing - Melton Campus

From the Deputy Principal Learning and Teaching

Semester 1 student reports were released via PAM on Friday 16 July.

Parents and guardians are encouraged to discuss the reports with their child, focusing on achievements and setting new goals moving forward.

These reports provide summative feedback on achievement. Summative feedback is given at the end of the learning process and serves to provide students with an overall assessment of their learning.

Teachers regularly give feedback to students throughout class using formative (ongoing) tasks to help them understand how they are going and what they can do next to move forward.

Examples of feedback include:

  • An English task showing how to include descriptive language to engage the reader.
  • A mathematics task showing how to model the steps and then apply to a new question.
  • A science practical report using exemplars to demonstrate a strong aim, hypothesis and conclusion.

Subject selection

Our Year 9 and 10 students participated in the Domain Expo last Thursday, asking relevant questions and engaging with the presentations to help choose their subjects or electives for 2022.

The re-scheduled Year 11 2022 Information Evening will be held online via Microsoft Teams tomorrow, Wednesday 21 July, from 7pm. Parents and students will be able to post questions and receive answers during the evening.

A new date has also been set for the Year 10 2022 Information Evening (Thursday 29 July) and the VINCIT/VCAL Interviews (Wednesday 28 July).  Both will be held online via Teams.

Distance Learning Mode (DLM)

To facilitate the return to DLM for junior students, our Year 7 and 8 classes will run for 60 minutes. This provides some off-screen time between each class.

A reminder that the online space is for learning. The same expectations apply to the virtual classroom, that apply to a face-to-face classroom, for both students and families.

Joanne Holmes

Deputy Principal Learning and Teaching

Calling All Aspiring Student Radio Announcers

CRC Melton will hit the airwaves in August with a new student radio program run by Ralph Barba, executive producer of Live FM.

Ralph comes to us with a wealth of knowledge and experience in radio, having worked with popular Melbourne radio stations SEN, Triple M and the ABC.

The program will run across three days with students receiving training before going to air. They will develop script writing, microphone, radio technology and communication skills while promoting the school and their local community.

The student radio show will be broadcast to the local community and uploaded on a website portal for students and their families to download.

It is a great opportunity for students interested in radio and media to build their skills and confidence.

Students who would like to take part should contact me via email at thobson@sfcc.vic.edu.au

To find out more about what the student radio program will be like, follow the link below to listen to Footscray City College’s recent collaboration with LIVE FM.


Trent Hobson

Student Wellbeing Counsellor

Doing it for Cancer

Last term at CRC Melton we were raising money for the Cancer Council.

It is estimated that half of us will get cancer by the time we are 65. Cancer is a disease where some abnormal cells of the body grow uncontrollably and spread to other parts of the body. Cancer does not just affect older people. Each year in Australia, 2000 children are diagnosed with cancer, with skin cancer being the most common in teenagers.

During the last week of Term 2 we ran Beanie Day and Mrs Bourke, Olivia from student reception and Year 12 student Czarliz cut their hair to raise money for our cause.

Throughout the entire term, the College raised close to $5000 for the Cancer Council, which places us in the top four fundraising groups in Australia.

Alex, Chelsea and Hannah

Year 12 VCAL students

Equestrian Update

On Saturday 10 July, Year 8 student Alice Summers represented CRC Melton at the Victorian Equestrian Interschool Series Showjumping Grand Final at Werribee Equestrian Centre, riding Kirby Park Tamarisk.

Overall, Alice and her steed placed 20th out of 28 for the championship, having only participated in two out of the three events for the season. They also placed 24th out of 29 for the A2 event (one round of jumping against the clock) during which they unfortunately had one pole down on the last jump. They placed 16th out of 28 for the Grand Prix event (two rounds) with a couple of poles down.

Overall, the pair did an amazing job.

Mikaela Hurst

Health and PE Domain Leader

Elevate Education Webinars

Parents and guardians have exclusive access to Elevate Education’s Parent Webinar Series for Term 3, 2021. Elevate works with our students, delivering workshops on study skills, motivation, wellbeing, and exam preparation.

Elevate’s webinar series can help you learn how to better support your child at home by reinforcing the skills they learn at school.

The first webinar, Motivation and the role of parental praise and goals, will run live online from 7pm to 8pm tomorrow (Wednesday 21 July). Registration is essential and is free for CRC Melton parents and guardians. It includes a live question and answer session so you can ask the presenter questions directly.

You can register for one or all of the free webinars using the link below.

Register now

Other webinars in the series include:

Wednesday 4 August, 7pm - Technology devices and how to stay focused and balanced.

Wednesday 18 August, 7pm - Note taking skills to help your child deepen their revision.

Wednesday 1 September, 7pm - Exam home stretch and how to support your child in the final weeks.

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