Weekly Reflection

Last Friday, as we united in prayerful reflection to observe Remembrance Day, the deep resonance of Catholic values intertwined with the solemnity of the occasion, creating a profound and sacred atmosphere.

In the gentle hush of the school grounds during the silence, we were reminded of the profound sacrifice made by countless individuals who, motivated by principles of justice and peace, dedicated their lives to a higher calling. As Catholics, this resonates with our belief in the selfless love exemplified by Christ on the Cross—a love that knows no bounds.

Remembrance Day is not merely a historical commemoration; it is a spiritual journey that encourages us to ponder the meaning of sacrifice and service. Our faith teaches us that service to others is a reflection of Christ's teachings, and the men and women who have served in the armed forces embody this sacrificial love for the greater good.

As we bowed our heads in prayer, let us not only remember the heroes who have defended our freedom but also reflect on the transformative power of Christ's love. Through our collective gratitude and remembrance, we honour not only the earthly sacrifices of our veterans but also acknowledge the eternal sacrifice made by Christ for our salvation.

May the spirit of Remembrance Day inspire us to live out the Gospel values of love, justice, and peace. In the light of Christ's teachings, let us strive for a world where conflicts are resolved through compassion, understanding, and a commitment to building bridges rather than walls.

Jonathan Antony

Acting Director of Faith and Mission

From the Principal

Last Friday I attended an AI and Cyber Forum facilitated by Catholic Network Australia.

The first speaker from the eSafety Commissioner, Kellie Britnell, spoke about Tech Trends and Challenges and the need to keep children safe.

It was comforting to hear that Australia leads the way in terms of tackling cyber safety.

Kellie spoke about the potential for good of emerging technology that enables medical students to dissect and become expert practitioners with the use of virtual technology. Students can walk back in time and experience history and even develop ways to improve inclusion and quality of life for those with a disability. These are the types of experiences our new Lumination Lab will deliver.

She also spoke about the need to be vigilant and to expect the unexpected as AI and mixed reality have the potential to shape our world in ways we cannot yet imagine. One example is normalising abuse and assault through online gaming. AI has the fastest growing user base in the last 10 years taking only two months to accumulate followers that took TikTok two years.

The key to protecting our students is to try and future-proof them against possible threats.

This includes:

  • teaching empathy skills.
  • knowing how, when and who to report online abuse to.
  • teaching critical media skills to become discerning consumers.
  • teaching students how to manage unwanted contact.
  • teaching upstander techniques to ensure students know how to respond as bystanders.

By teaching students and talking about these potential dangers we protect against the malicious use of new technologies which makes inappropriate content so easily accessible and makes it possible for chatbots to undertake automated grooming.

The eSafety Commissioner has a wealth of materials available to parents and guardians. Click here to find out more.

Marlene Jorgensen


Looking Ahead - Melton Campus Students

Dates to remember
Friday 17 November Student Study at Home Day
Monday 20 November Jump Start Program begins (all current Year 7-11 students)
Thursday 30 NovemberTerm 4 concludes for all current Year 10 and 11 students
Friday 1 DecemberJunior Awards Ceremony (all current Year 7-9 students)
Term 4 concludes for all current Year 7-9 students at 1.15pm
Wednesday 31 January 2024Term 1 begins at 8.45am for Year 7 and Year 12 students
Thursday 1 February 2024Term 1 begins for Year 8-11 students

Looking Ahead - Cobblebank Campus Students

Dates to remember
Friday 17 November Student Study at Home Day
Monday 20 NovemberJump Start Program begins
Thursday 30 November Junior Awards Ceremony
Friday 1 DecemberTerm 4 concludes at 12.45pm
Wednesday 31 January 2024Term 1 begins at 8.45am for Year 7 students only
Thursday 1 February 2024Term 1 begins at 8.45am for Year 8 students

From the Archbishop of Melbourne

Below is a letter from Archbishop Most Rev Peter A. Comensoli expressing his shock and deep distress at the explicit antisemitism occurring in parts of our communities. He provides words of encouragement to listen and speak with one another in pursuit of reconciliation and peace.

New Start and Finish Times in 2024

The College will introduce a new daily start and finish time for all students in 2024.

From the start of Term 1 at both Melton and Cobblebank campuses, morning Mentor Group sessions will begin at 8.45am and students will be dismissed at 3pm.

The timetable will also be aligned across both campuses.

This means that from 2024 students at Melton Campus will complete their first two 70-minute periods followed by a 40-minute break from 11.25am to 12.05pm.

They will then move into Period 3, followed by a 25-minute break and Period 4.

This timetable structure is already in place at Cobblebank Campus and will continue in 2024. There are some minor adjustments to the time of classes and breaks to accommodate the change in start and finish times.

The College conducted an extensive review of the timetable to ensure it meets the requirements of the new staff enterprise agreement.

The new start and finish times will not impact bus times at the Melton Campus.

Please also note below dates for the end of Term 4 and start of Term 1 2024.

Thursday 30 November – Term 4 concludes for all current Year 10 and 11 students (Melton Campus)

Friday 1 December – Term 4 concludes for all current Year 7-9 students (Cobblebank Campus 12.45pm dismissal, Melton Campus 1.15pm dismissal)


Wednesday 31 January – Term 1 begins for Year 7 students (Melton and Cobblebank campuses) and Year 12 students (Melton Campus)

Thursday 1 February – Term 1 begins for Year 8 – 11 students (Melton and Cobblebank campuses)

Michael Wilcock

Deputy Principal, Operations, Staffing and Strategic Intent

From the Deputy Principal Learning and Teaching

Exams and Timed Assessment Tasks (TATs) for students in years 7 to 11 have allowed them to practice study techniques, develop time management skills and apply the knowledge they have acquired throughout Semester 2.

I’d like to acknowledge the responsible way students have undertaken the exams and assessments.

Our Domain Leaders and exam supervisors are pleased with the maturity and excellent behaviour shown by students as they entered exam spaces and completed their assessments.

Our VCAA exam supervisors have also commented on the exemplary behaviour of Unit 3&4 students undertaking their external examinations. These students, and those in Year 10 and 11 will continue their exams this week, with Thursday 16 November the final catch-up day for any rescheduled internal examinations.

Students are encouraged to reflect on their exam preparation and experience when setting goals for 2024.


Students have received notice of their classes for 2024 and parents and guardians have been emailed booklists.

Information on how to purchase Edrolo, a senior book-listed resource used for some classes, will be sent out this week.

Students will have access to Edrolo for Jump Start, prior to the deadline for purchasing this resource.

Jump Start

Jump Start begins next Monday 20 November and is compulsory for all current Year 7 – 11 students.

This Friday 17 November is student-free, allowing time for staff to finalise their preparations.

Students will get a taste of their 2024 subjects and electives during Jump Start.

Junior Awards Ceremony

We will recognise the achievements of Year 7-9 students across a range of areas at our Junior Awards ceremonies at Cobblebank Campus on Thursday 30 November and Melton Campus on Friday 1 December.

Families of award winners will receive an invitation to the presentation.

The Senior Awards Ceremony (Years 10-12 2023) will occur in Term 1 2024, to recognise VCAA results and the 2023 College Dux.

Joanne Holmes

Deputy Principal Learning and Teaching

Bulmans Road Construction Works

As part of the upgrade of Bulmans Road, the southbound lane between Sovereign Boulevard and Piccolotto Drive, heading to High St, will be closed to all traffic until the end of January as part of Stage 1A works by Melton Council.

Parking outside the College

From next Monday 20 November, there will be no car parking available directly outside the College on Bulmans Road.

The council will provide temporary parking near Happy Feet Early Learning Centre (see map below) and a crossing supervisor at Sovereign Boulevard to assist pedestrians.

Travel to and from the College

You can travel from High Street along Bulmans Road to drop off or pick up your child as usual but will need to detour via Sovereign Blvd or West Melton Dve if you need to return to High Street.  

If you approach the College from the north for drop off or pick up, you will be detoured at Sovereign Boulevard as Bulmans Road will be closed to traffic in this direction from this point.

Please refer to the attached detour map or visit the City of Melton website for more information.

Bulmans Road Detour Plan Stage 1 A

For your safety and that of all pedestrians, construction workers and road users, please ensure you abide by all traffic safety signs as you travel through the area.

Our College and St Catherine of Siena Primary School generate significant traffic volumes along Bulmans Road that have resulted in safety and congestion concerns. This project will help address these concerns for all users, including pedestrians.

We appreciate your patience during this time and will keep you updated on changes as they become available.

Concert Band Program 2024

In 2024 St Francis Catholic College will offer Year 7 students and interested students from other year levels, the opportunity to learn a variety of wind instruments, with the view of forming a Concert Band at both the Melton and Cobblebank campuses.

Instruments will include the Flute, Clarinet, Saxophone, Trumpet, Trombone and a range of orchestral percussion instruments.

The program will begin in Term 1 2024 when all Year 7 students will take part in an assessment of their ‘natural music abilities’ and be given a hands-on experience with many of the instruments on offer. Following this, an information evening for parents and guardians will be held to outline in detail the expectations for involvement.

Students will initially learn musical instruments in a large group setting however, once interest is established, both private and small group lessons will be available, as part of our already well-established instrumental music program.

It is widely known that learning a musical instrument not only provides students with an extra set of skills and an outlet for self-expression but also increases hand-eye coordination, opens additional neuropathways, improves academic success across all areas of learning and builds highly disciplined routines, valuable in future life.

Many participants in Concert Band Programs have gone on to succeed in VCE Music studies, Veterinary Sciences, Medical Science, and Teaching, along with becoming highly regarded performers and much more.

This an exciting new initiative and one that the College is looking forward to realising. Both the Melton and Cobblebank Ensembles will join forces for performances to promote St Francis Catholic College in the broader learning community in the city of Melton and at special events held by the school throughout the year.

Interested students, parents and guardians are welcome to email Gary White at Melton Campus at gwhite@sfcc.vic.edu.au and Suzanne Askew at Cobblebank Campus at saskew@sfcc.vic.edu.au.

Gary White

Learning Diversity House Director

Junior Hockey Champions

Congratulations to our Junior Hockey Team for winning back-to-back premierships at the SACCSS one-day Junior Hockey Tournament!

It was an incredible day, led by Samuel who stepped up as captain and helped coach us through to the finals and the win. Sam was voted best on ground and was the team’s top scorer.

I'd like to thank Ms Hurst and Ms Pandi for being our chaperones on the day, for putting up with a lot of our silliness and for being our bus drivers.

I'd also like to thank the players. Everyone played their part, listened to instructions, and learned a lot. There were plenty of goals scored through the games with our results being 7-0, 5-0, 2-1 and 2-0. Each game was completed with teamwork, skill and great communication.

As a first-time coach of the team, I couldn't be happier with the way the tournament went. I played on and captained the junior team last year so it was great to come back, coach and see the team rise to the top again. Hopefully, we can do it again next year! Thanks to everyone and go SFCC!


Year 10 student

Remembrance Day

Students and staff at our Melton and Cobblebank campuses gathered to mark Remembrance Day on Friday with prayers and a silent pause to remember those who have served and those who have died in all wars and peacekeeping operations.

We thank our student leaders who also represented the College at local ceremonies on Saturday.

Remembrance Day is held on 11 November, the anniversary of the Armistice that ended fighting with Germany in World War 1.

Nourish and Flourish

Last Friday some of our staff and student leaders visited St Anthony’s Primary School for lunch at their Nourish and Flourish Café.

The café allows students to engage in real-life, purposeful learning experiences that can be transferred into skills that will set them up for life.

Grade 4 students prepared and served the meals while students from other year levels, parents, grandparents, and friends were welcomed in to enjoy the meal together.

The café runs every Friday and the experience is shared by the whole school community.

Amy Rowley

Director of Community Relations

Year 9 Melbourne Experience

Last week our Year 9 students enjoyed their two-day Melbourne Experience, catching trains into the city independently and enjoying an activity of their choice each day.

They ice skated at O’Brien Icehouse, lived on the edge almost 300 metres above Melbourne at Eureka Tower, challenged themselves at Hardrock Climbing, admired the animals at Melbourne Zoo, ate delicacies at Queen Victoria Market and took to the water at St Kilda Beach for some paddle boarding.

Melbourne Experience is designed to enable students to apply information learned in the classroom to the real world. The aim is to build independence and resilience when manoeuvring around the city and negotiating public transport, as well as exposing students to various sights and activities on offer.

And as you can see from the photo below, our Year 9s made the most of their trip to Eureka Tower where they convinced teacher Carolyn Howard (left) to join them in the Edge experience where they had a fabulous view over Melbourne from a glass box!

Year 10 Hospitality

For the last few weeks, Year 10 Hospitality students have focussed on what it would be like to run a food truck business. They have thought about the theme they might choose, colour scheme, menu choices and pricing. This was all part of their final assessment task for the year.

Last Wednesday in their final practical cooking lesson they cooked their chosen menu item and were judged by a very lucky Year 7 class. The students were asked to judge the food items based on the most appropriate food truck meal and how well it was presented.

In 10D, Year 7 students voted the HSP their favourite. For those of you who haven’t heard of this teenage delicacy it has a layer of fried chips on the bottom, seasoned meat topped with melted cheese and garlic and barbecue sauce. It was a different story in 10C where the slightly healthier, very well-presented tacos were the winning dish.

I congratulate the Hospitality students on their efforts. They worked to a tight time schedule and made sure their meals looked very presentable.

Once the voting was finished all the food truck dishes were enjoyed by the Year 7 students.

Jen White

Hospitality Teacher

Sports Update

Year 8 Premier League - Melton Campus - Round 7 results



SFCC Ladder position

Girls' Basketball

St Monica’s College 63 d SFCC 63-28


Boys' Basketball

St Monica’s College 67 d SFCC 20


Girls' Volleyball

St Monica’s College 2 d SFCC 1


Boys' Volleyball

SFCC 2 d St Monica’s College 1


Girls' Soccer

St Monica’s College 4 d SFCC 1


Boys' Soccer

St Monica’s College 7 d SFCC 0



St Monica’s College 21 d SFCC 19


We wish our netball, girls' basketball, boys' volleyball and girls' volleyball the best of luck in the semi-final games this Thursday.

Emily Cook

Sports Trainee

Community Notices

Have your say on the Western Freeway upgrade

Planning is underway for a potential upgrade of the Western Freeway between Melton and Caroline Springs to improve safety, freeway access and road capacity to help accommodate growing demand.

Options being explored to upgrade the Western Freeway between Harkness Road and Christies Road include:

  • additional road lanes ​
  • new interchanges and overpasses
  • upgrades to existing interchanges
  • upgrades to walking and cycling paths
  • traffic signal and street lighting improvements
  • public transport priority facilities.​

Have your say

Until Sunday 3 December 2023, feedback is being sought to help inform our planning and shape the development of project options.

Come and meet the Big Build Roads team

Drop in to have a chat to the project team, provide your feedback or ask a question about the potential upgrade. They will be in the local area at:

  • Woodgrove Shopping Centre on Thursday 23 November from 11am to 2pm
  • Woodlea Town Centre on Thursday 23 November from 4pm to 7pm
  • CS Square on Saturday 25 November from 9am to 12pm.

You are encouraged to visit bigbuild.vic.gov.au/roads-subscribe and sign up for email and SMS updates, so you can be kept informed of planning progresses.

Bounce Back Melton

Bounce Back Melton is held fortnightly at Western Bace, Cobblebank. 

The next workshop will take place this Friday 17 November from 5pm. Further sessions will be held on Friday 1 December, Friday 15 December, Friday 29 December (TBC), Friday 12 January and Friday 26 January.

Soup Van volunteers wanted

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