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“Advent has always been a happy season for most people, even in difficult times, because there is something about Christmas, the coming of the Messiah, the coming of the Lord, and the realisation of all the promises that God has made to His people. (These) find their fulfilment in a stable, a little child, a poor young teenage mother and her gravely worried husband into whose care God had placed this most precious twosome.

“There is something that stirs great hope in us. And so Advent is really a time for hope. It’s a time when we put aside major worries in our life and realise that God is with us.” Father Hanly

A reading from the first letter of St Paul to the Thessalonians:

May the Lord be generous in increasing your love and make you love one another and the whole human race as much as we love you. And may he so confirm your hearts in holiness that you may be blameless in the sight of our God and Father when our Lord Jesus Christ comes with all his saints.

Lord, we are so often overwhelmed by the busyness of this time of year.

O come Emmanuel, come into our hearts and show us by your light the beauty of your way of love. We are your people, Lord, and we are waiting for your return.

Come Lord Jesus.


Shaun Coates

Director of Catholic Identity

From the Principal

Well, what a year it has been! In and out of lockdown, vaccinations, fast-changing restrictions and many of our families unwell with COVID-19. Throughout this time I have felt incredibly supported by our families. Many have sent messages of support to our staff or thanked me for the communication home.

Without this support and cooperation of families, we as a College staff could not have navigated the once again unique year that was 2021.

Thank you for supporting your children during online learning and for your patience through the year as we dealt with each scenario that came our way.

Just like last year, as we reflect, we are grateful for the flexibility and resilience students have shown. They quickly bounced back to on-site classes and Jump Start lessons, eagerly embracing the face-to-face interaction that learning in a classroom provides.

We can not predict what will come our way in 2022, but I am hopeful that the worst is behind us and we can move towards some normality.

Staff service recognition

I would like to thank and congratulate several staff members who have contributed significant years of service to the College.


I would also like to acknowledge and farewell staff who are leaving our community. We wish them well and thank them for their contributions to the College.

Christmas festivities

In the past few weeks, our staff have participated in the annual Pod Decorating Challenge. Staff decorate their work area and our Deputy Principal of Operations, Staffing and Strategic Intent Michael Wilcock has this week judged their efforts and announced a winner.

The fun and frivolity has lifted everyone’s spirits and reminded us of the wonderful celebration of Christmas that is soon upon us.

I take this opportunity to wish all of our families a safe and holy Christmas. May the joy of family and the blessings of this Christmas period bring all in our community comfort and peace. I look forward to working together once again in 2022.

Stay safe.

Marlene Jorgensen


Looking Ahead

Dates to remember
Wednesday 15 December

2022 booklist orders due online

Friday 17 DecemberCollege office closes
Tuesday 1 February 2022Term 1 begins for all students

From the Deputy Principal Learning and Teaching

On Friday, we celebrated students' achievements at our Year 7-9 2021 Junior Awards Ceremony.

It was a privilege to see so many students receive recognition of their achievements across various areas, from academic to leadership, sport and community. A list of all the recipients features in the article below.

Our student leaders also returned to support the awards ceremony with the 2022 School Captains, Academic Captains and FIRE Carrier returning to celebrate the event.

Last week, our senior students also received several VET awards at the Western Edge Cluster (WEC) Awards Ceremony. (Full story in this newsletter)

The talent amongst our students was evident across each of these presentations. We hope the depth and breadth of achievement will continue to inspire students across all year levels.

I want to acknowledge all students who have worked to their full potential both last year and this year. May you continue to know that the College, your peers and your families are proud of your achievements.

Wishing all families a happy and sacred Christmas and a safe and relaxing holiday break.

Joanne Holmes

Deputy Principal Learning and Teaching

2021 Junior Awards Ceremony

The achievements of students in Year 7 to 9 were acknowledged at our annual Junior Awards Ceremony last Friday.

Below is a full list of award recipients.

Photo Gallery

Western Edge Cluster Awards

A huge congratulations to Nakita Hanna, Rhyanon Tarabene, Amy Agius, Tania Cariolo, Zoe Mayerhofer, Isabella Schiecher, Ryleigh Simpson, Haley Spiteri, Piper Zarb and Luke Pace Rinaldo for winning an award at the annual Western Edge Cluster (WEC) Vocation Education and Training (VET) Awards.

The WEC VET Awards, like most events in 2021, were presented online to acknowledge students for their contributions to their vocational studies.

Despite the constraints of 2021 and the limitations of participating in a usually work-simulated and hands-on course, students excelled and demonstrated teamwork, communication, problem-solving, planning and organisation skills. These are just some of the attributes essential for their vocational pathway.

Our students should be proud of their commitment to their VET course and their success.

A special congratulations to Haley Spiteri, who was awarded the prestigious Josh Lindner Award. This award is "a symbolic acknowledgment of a student who could 'Overcome, Learn and Succeed'."

Haley also received the Principal’s Award for being a student who was “exemplar in attitude, behaviour and committed to completing their studies to the best of their ability”.

A special mention also to Amy Agius and Tania Cariolo, who received an overall Excellence Award as Year 2 students completing a WEC VET.

2021 WEC VET Awards

Health Services Assistance - Year 1

Most Outstanding - Nakita Hanna (pictured below left)

Most Improved - Rhyanon Tarabene

Health Services Assistance - Year 2

Most Outstanding - Amy Agius (pictured below left) and Tania Cariolo

Most Improved - Isabella Schiecher (pictured below left)

Endeavour - Haley Spiteri

Community Services – Year 2

Most Outstanding - Zoe Mayerhofer (pictured below)

Endeavour - Piper Zarb

Engineering - Year 1

Most Improved - Luke Pace Rinaldo (pictured below)

Salon Assistant - Year 1

Endeavour - Ryleigh Simpson (pictured below)

VET Excellence Award

Amy Agius and Tania Cariolo

Principal’s Award and Josh Lindner Award

Haley Spiteri

Bianca Mifsud

VET Coordinator

Year 9 Jump Start Homeroom Competition

Last Thursday during Jump Start, the 2022 Year 9 cohort participated in a homeroom competition.

Each homeroom had a list of 15 tasks, ranging from lining up and taking a photo in height order, to visiting and taking a photo in front of every building in the school.

The tasks were designed to encourage students to talk and learn about one another and challenge their problem solving and time management skills as they strategised together.

It was fantastic to see the students interact with new and old friends in their homerooms and forge new bonds with their homeroom teachers.

Congratulations to 9 Lok Lok and 9 Waa who tied for first place!

We look forward to 2022 with the Year 9 students and building on this positive start.

Lauren Whitford and David Arthurson

Year 9 Coordinators

Ensemble Christmas Carol Tour

Our Ensemble entertained lunchtime crowds at Woodgrove Shopping Centre last Wednesday followed by a performance for junior students at St Anthony’s Primary School.

Our talented vocalists were fantastic and expertly accompanied by Ensemble Director Ms Amy Bandiera on the keyboard.

Follow the link below to see highlights from the performances.

CRC Melton Ensemble Christmas Carols

Community Notices

Christmas Mass 

On Track Holiday Program

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