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Weekly Reflection

Loving God, Caring parent,

I am a child who so often turns my back on your love.

Please accept my small acts of sorrow today

and help to release me from the self-absorption that closes my heart to you.

As I journey through Lent,

let me remember the feast you have prepared for me in the resurrection

and let me be filled with thanks to you.

Shaun Coates

Director of Catholic Identity

From the Principal

The Catholic Education Commission of Victoria Ltd (CECV) has been provided with new information regarding the emerging outbreak of COVID-19 (coronavirus).

As of 1 March, parents, guardians and carers should ensure that any child returning from mainland China (not including Hong Kong, Macau and Taiwan) from 1 February, and from Iran from 1 March, is isolated at home and should not attend school until 14 days after they were last in mainland China or Iran.

Families and students are reminded that everyone can protect against infections by practising good hand hygiene and respiratory hygiene. Here are some tips that everyone can follow:

  • Cover your mouth and nose when coughing and sneezing with a tissue, or cough into your elbow.
  • Dispose of the tissue into a bin and then wash your hands afterwards.
  • Wash your hands regularly, after using the toilet and before eating.

Everyone can protect against infections by practising good hand hygiene and respiratory hygiene. (Source: Victorian Department of Education and Training)

You will find a simple guide to hand washing below.

Governance Consultation Meeting

Last week I attended a consultation meeting of Principals and Clergy. Participants were asked to give input on four Threshold Issues around the new Governance structures.

Threshold Issue 1: Catholicity

Threshold Issue 2: Governance, Leadership and Management.

Threshold Issue 3: Incorporation

Threshold Issue 4: Transfer of Assets and Liabilities

A new Governance Model will take effect as of 1 January 2021.

Child Safety

Recent media attention around child safety issues reminds us all about the need to be diligent in this area.

Building a culture that recognises child safety as a priority is the cornerstone to protecting young people in our care. This is not a simple tick and flick mentality, but a genuine shared community responsibility to build, strengthen and maintain the safety of all children.

“Having a culture of child safety is more than having a set of policies and procedures in place. It's an attitude that is built into everyday thinking and practice within an organisation. It is the best defence against abuse.” (Source: Commission for Children and Young People)

There are 7 Child Safe Standards that organisations need to implement.

Standard 1: Governance and Leadership.

Standard 2: Clear Commitment to child safety

Standard 3: Code of Conduct

Standard 4: Human Resource Practices

Standard 5: Responding and Reporting

Standard 6: Risk Management and Mitigation

Standard 7: Empowering Children

At CRC Melton, the leadership team, staff and students work in partnership to maintain a strong Child Safe culture, particularly in regards to our most vulnerable students.

Marlene Jorgensen


From the Deputy Principal - Learning and Teaching

Our Domain Leaders met this week to discuss the focus and organisation of our College learning and teaching documentation. VCE staff also had the opportunity to reflect on and evaluate the way we organise our assessment tasks.

It is wonderful to see the enthusiasm and passion teachers at the College have for learning and teaching as we work to improve and develop. Teachers are working on the Mid Semester reports and these will be available online to parents from Tuesday 17 March.

Joanne Holmes

Deputy Principal Learning and Teaching

From the Deputy Principal - Staff

Evacuation Drill

We had an Evacuation Drill last Thursday as part of the College’s Emergency Management Plan. Students participated very well and followed all instructions. We intend to run a Lock Down Drill early next term.

Year 7 Camps

Our Year 7 students will participate in their camp program next week (March 16 to 20). All families should have completed their CareMonkey permission request by now. I am sure that as in previous years, all Year 7 students will thoroughly enjoy their camp experience.

John Christie

Deputy Principal Staff

Year 9 Calling and Departure Ceremony

On Thursday night, we held a Calling and Departure Ceremony for the young men in Year 9 as part of the rite of passage ceremonies that occur in Rite Journey.

The Rite Journey reinvents the traditional process of a Rite of Passage. It acknowledges an adolescent's transition from dependency to responsibility, from childhood to young adulthood. The ceremony is a symbol of this transformation.

Students were joined by parents, guardians or a significant adult in their lives at the ceremony. The adults wrote a letter to their child about how they valued them and the childhood mindsets and behaviours they would like them to let go of as they ventured into adulthood.

They also wrote about the adult mindsets and behaviours they would like to see them grow and develop.

Students responded with a gratitude letter to their significant adult, highlighting the many aspects of their relationship they are grateful for.

Once they exchanged these letters, they talked about what was written. This created an intimate atmosphere where adults and children were speaking freely to each other - there were lots of tears, laughter, conversation and hugs.

Students then wrote their childhood mindsets and behaviours on a piece of paper and their adult minsdets and behaviours onto a wooden leaf. Their Rite Journey teachers then called them by name to commence the ceremony. One by one, they were called to throw their old habits into a fire pit and then pinned their leaf to our “adult arch” walking through it into their new journey towards adulthood.

It was a beautiful night that symbolised the journey the young men in Year 9 are going on this year.

Lauren Hill

Year 9 Gadal Director

Rite Journey thanks

A very special thanks to all our parents, guardians and significant adults who joined us for the Rite Journey Calling and Departure Ceremony last week. Your support for the young men in your life, the College and the Rite Journey is very much appreciated.

Additionally, thank you to all the Gadal team and the Rite Journey teachers for your involvement in the night and for the mentoring journey you are embarking on with these young men.

Lauren Hill

Year 9 Gadal Director

World’s Greatest Shave

A brave student and teacher will shave their heads to raise money for the Leukaemia Foundation as part of a World’s Greatest Shave event this Friday.

Students can pay a cold coin donation to watch Ronan Yacoub (7A) and Stephen Orr shave off their locks in the Performing Arts Centre (PAC) at lunchtime.

The Social Justice and Student Leadership teams will be stationed outside the PAC for students who want to have their hair sprayed or glittered in their house colour for any donation, big or small.

All money raised from the shaves and hair spray stand will be donated to the Greatest Shave through Ronan’s official sponsorship page.

House captains will keep count of how many students get their hair coloured for a cure and this will be added to house points.

For more information or to sponsor Ronan please use the link below.

Clare Hume

Social Justice Coordinator

International Women’s Day

To celebrate International Women’s Day (8 March) the Social Justice team have filmed staff and students answering questions related to this year’s theme of Each for Equal and asked them to strike the #EachforEqual pose. The short film will be shown at the final assembly of Term 1.

Look out for a preview of some of the inspiring thoughts from staff and students in next week’s newsletter.

This Thursday, the Social Justice team will host guest speaker Trinity Gathercole from the Health Promotion team at Djerriwarrh Health Services. Trinity’s presentation on the programs in Melton that support women experiencing violence and initiatives that promote women's health will be held at lunch time in the Performing Arts Centre foyer. All students are welcome.

Clare Hume

Social Justice Coordinator

University and TAFE visits

Year 11 students spent the day visiting universities and TAFE colleges last Friday to get a firsthand look at what tertiary study options could be available to them in two years’ time.

Groups of students and staff made the trip to LaTrobe University Bundoora, Federation University Ballarat (both TAFE and University campuses), and The Gordon Institute of TAFE and Deakin University Geelong.

During their visits, students were able to tour the amazing facilities including nursing simulation labs, moot courts, media and television studios and trade workshops. All agreed it was a valuable day out that provided some great ideas about where they want to be in 2022.

Sasha Dickson

Pathways Coordinator

Parent Access Module update

The Parent Access Module (PAM) allows parents to access a variety of information about their child including student timetables, attendance, assessment marks and comments, due dates, and mid and end of semester reports.

There is also a host of other information available such as daily notices for students, sports results, presentations for parents from information evenings and a range of links from our Intranet.

Logging into PAM is done by opening the CRC Melton website,, and moving your mouse over the Portals menu option across the top of the screen. You will be presented with a drop-down list from which you can select the Parent Portal option.

The PAM log on screen will be displayed and you then enter your PAM ID and password to access your PAM account.

If you have previously entered an email address to your PAM account and you haven’t verified it, you will see the message at the top of PAM home screen as displayed below.

All you need to do is to click on the "Click here" link to complete the verification process.

For the parents who have not recorded an email address, when you log into PAM you will see 3 lines in the top right corner of the screen. Click on the lines and select "My settings", which will present you with a panel to allow you to record an email address.

You will still need to Verify the email address as described above.

It is important to complete the verification process, because you will then be able to use your email address as your PAM login ID, rather than having to remember your PAM ID 6 digit number.

Also having your email address recorded enables the teachers to email you with matters concerning your child/children.

The College is planning an information session for parents who would like to learn more about how to use PAM. You can register your interest by emailing

Kerrie-Ann Matthews

Director of Community Relations

Sacramental Program

The College is exploring the possibility of offering sacramental preparation classes for any of its students yet to celebrate their Reconciliation, Holy Communion or Confirmation. It is likely the classes would be held after school, at lunchtime or a combination of both.

To gauge the interest in this program, which would be led in collaboration with Parish Priests, parents can email me at with the name of their child and the sacrament(s) they wish to prepare for. Expressions of interest should be submitted by Tuesday 24 March.

Shaun Coates

Director of Catholic Identity

Role-playing Club

Students are invited to join a new role-playing club that meets every second Tuesday (Day 7) upstairs in the Library from 1.25pm.

Described as drama, meets creative writing meets rolling a dice, the role-playing club is looking for players of all kinds – no experience is required.

The next session will be held on Tuesday 24 March. Students should bring an iPad or laptop with them.

Humanities study sessions

The Humanities Domain run a study session for students every Wednesday lunchtime in PA105.

All year levels are invited. Students can receive additional assistance on a task, complete homework or use the space for quiet study. They are welcome to bring their lunch.

Daniela Harrington

Humanities Domain Leader

Community Notices

St Dominic’s Twilight Market

St Dominic’s Primary School will hold its Twilight Market on Friday 20 March from 5pm to 8pm.

For more information see the attached flyer.

On TRACK school holiday program

A shout out to aspiring DJs, mixers, rappers, singers, beat makers and poets.

ON TRACK is an exciting hands-on music program that will run during the school holidays to give students a rare opportunity to get up close with some of Australia’s leading Music DJs, Artists and Industry Specialists. No experience is needed - just a passion for music and eagerness to express yourself.

For more information see the attached flyer.

St-Dominics-Twilight-Market-1.jpg (0.38Mb)

On-Track-8-School-Holiday-Program.pdf (0.38Mb)

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