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Weekly Reflection

The Journey Begins

As we step into this new year, Restore our spirits.

Renew our passion for sharing your wisdom

And nurture our compassion

For those in need of greater support.

Transform us as we seek to transform:

Guide us as we seek to guide;

Open our minds and hearts

As we seek to open minds and hearts

To the Good News of justice and peace.

Help us listen more deeply

To the world and to your Word,

So we can walk with those in our care,

Attentive to the Wisdom that

Calls us all to the Kingdom of God.

(Adapted from a prayer by Jane Deren (

Shaun Coates

Director of Catholic Identity

From the Principal

Welcome to the 2020 academic year and welcome to the next decade! My name is Mrs Marlene Jorgensen and it is an honour and a privilege to take up the position of Principal of Catholic Regional College, Melton.

This year the College will celebrate 40 years of providing outstanding education for the students of the western suburbs of Melbourne. I take this opportunity to thank my predecessor – Mark Sheehan who has enacted significant success for the College during his eleven years of service and has left the College in a strong position to move forward into this new decade.

I look forward to building on the strong foundations built over the past 40 years and to adding my own skills and talents in the service of Catholic Education in the Melton Region.

The Melbourne Declaration on Educational Goals for young Australians was published in 2008 but the two goals still resonate strongly with my educational philosophy.

Goal 1 - Australian schooling promotes equity and excellence.

Goal 2 - All young Australians become successful learners, confident and creative individuals and active and informed citizens.

As Principal my aim will be to achieve these two goals by developing in our students’ skills in the four C’s:

  • Collaboration
  • Creativity
  • Critical Thinking
  • Communication

In our Catholic context I would add Catholicity – we aspire to encourage a curiosity in young people to deepen their faith and commit to activities that promote faith in action.

Last week’s second reading from Corinthians highlights the many gifts that each are given.

St Paul tells us that:

“there are a variety of gifts, but the same spirit and a variety of services but the same Lord”. 1 Corinthians 12

My role as Principal is to encourage and harness the gifts of all at Catholic Regional College Melton in order to achieve successful educational outcomes for each of the students in our care.

A recent example of the giftedness of our staff are those involved with the Dinka Ethnic School of Victoria Inc. Towards the end of 2019, the College received notification that this innovative program has received accreditation. Maintenance of language is an important ingredient in valuing culture and building identity. For those who have come to our multicultural Australia from overseas, the ability to maintain a mother language promotes self-esteem and encourages parent participation in education. The Dinka School will have an official opening on 22nd February. We thank Mollie Daphne and her team for their dedication and creativity in establishing this wonderful resource for our community.

I look forward to meeting parents and guardians in person and encourage all to attend our upcoming Year 12, Year 9 and Year 7 Information Evenings.

Opening School Mass

Parents are warmly invited to attend the Opening School Mass in the Sheehan Stadium on Wednesday 19th February at Midday. Please email if you would like to attend so that adequate seating can be provided.

Marlene Jorgensen


From the Deputy Principal - Staff

Welcome back to the 2020 school year and congratulations to our students, who have settled in well to their classes.


We welcome the following new staff members to our community:

  • Mrs Joanne Holmes – Deputy Principal Learning & Teaching, Biology
  • Mrs Kylie Nicholl – Food Technology Assistant
  • Mr Bi Wei – Mathematics
  • Ms Jessica Attard – Food Technology, Science
  • Ms Jessica Mazur – Food Technology, VCAL
  • Dr Romila Gopalan – Mathematics, Chemistry
  • Ms Alexandra Belcastro – English, Humanities
  • Mr Lawry Borgelt – Wood Technology
  • Ms Mikaela Hurst – Health and PE
  • Ms Stephanie Kljajic - English
  • Ms Annika Miesen – Outdoor Education, Health & PE
  • Mrs Robin Panousieris – Wood Technology
  • Ms Emma van Wees – English, VCAL
  • Mrs Alessandra Vono – Italian, Humanities
  • Miss Ebony Handford – Arts Trainee
  • Mr Jonah Grech – Sports Trainee
  • Mrs Rachel Casey – Student Support
  • Mr Gavin Haughton – IT Manager
  • Mr Travis Pearce – Maintenance
  • Ms Cheryl Kohek – Communications Support Officer
  • Mrs Tracey Blacka – Student Reception

We also welcome back Mrs Emily Galofaro from family leave.


With only two disabled parking bays we ask that families give priority to those students who need the close access and request that only parents/guardians dropping off or picking up students with disabilities/injuries use these places.

As the entire area is so busy families should also drive slowly and carefully through the area.

Also, students travelling on Bacchus Marsh Coaches and SITA bus lines will have the pick-up procedures monitored to ensure maximum safety and clarity for students. We will be consulting with the companies to see if any changes are needed. Please notify us with any concerns.

Information Evenings

Year 9 - Thursday 6th February at 7pm in GADAL

Year 7 - Thursday 13th February at 6:30pm in Sheehan Stadium

Subject Changes

All Year 9-12 students undertook a thorough selection process last year and VCE students completed Jumpstart. VCE students must see Mrs Dickson before any changes will be authorised. No changes will be made after the first week of school unless there are exceptional circumstances.

Changes to electives for Year 9 and 10 students will need to be completed by next week via an email to myself. Changes for semester two electives at Year 9 and 10 will be considered closer to the start of Term 3.

John Christie

Deputy Principal Staff

From the Deputy Principal - Students

On behalf of the Student Wellbeing team and Year Level Coordinators, I would like to welcome all students and their families to the 2020 school year. I trust the Christmas holiday break was a great opportunity to spend time with family members and relax. We extend a welcome to parents who have their first son or daughter starting at Catholic Regional College this year.

Theme for 2020

Our theme for this year is Empathy which we started working on two years ago when we engaged the Resilience Project Team. At our opening school assembly on Monday I spoke to the students about what it meant to be empathic and how they could show empathy. I suggested to them that practicing empathy was a key ingredient to becoming the best person they can be. Ways to be empathetic can include:

  • Listening to someone rather than trying to talk to them
  • Asking someone how they are feeling if you think there is something wrong
  • Learning about people from different backgrounds and cultures
  • Showing concern and care for others
  • Paying attention to the needs of others
  • Getting to know someone better instead of judging them
  • Never looking down on anybody unless you’re helping them up
  • To treat others, the way you want to treated

Student Expectations and Behaviour

As a Catholic Community we respect the dignity of all. Part of living in community requires a clear understanding of the rights and responsibilities of all in maintaining a harmonious environment where all can flourish.

The role of educating a child is a joint responsibility between parents and schools, it is partnerships that endeavours to see the child flourish, grow and reach their full potential.  An important part of this education is setting guidelines and boundaries of behaviour. As a College we wish to make clear our expectations and involvement by parents, guardians and students. 

You would have received a CareMonkey message of a parent agreement earlier this week. It outlined requirements of ongoing enrolment from the commencement of the 2020 school year. All students were also given a student compliance contract setting out our expectations. Students are required to sign the document and return it to their homeroom teachers by the end of this week. The conditions and our expectations are not unreasonable or draconian and by making them clear we believe students will have greater ownership of their behaviour.

Phone Use at School

We accept that parents give their children mobile phones to protect them from everyday risks involving personal security and safety. There is also increasing concern about children travelling alone on public transport or commuting long distances to school. We do acknowledge that providing a child with a mobile phone gives parents reassurance that they can contact their child if they need to speak to them urgently.

There is also concern about students using their phones inappropriately at school to film and post images, bully other students online or be distracted in class thus impacting on their learning.

Acceptable Use of Mobile Phones

  • Students are not permitted to use their phones at school between homeroom and 3:20pm. Phones must be kept in their lockers throughout these times, this includes recess and lunchtimes. 
  • Mobile devices may only be used during school times if authorised by College Staff; this includes school excursions, camps and extra-curricular activities (unless the excursion guidelines stipulate that mobile devices are not permitted).
  • Non-observance or breaches of these rules will result in the mobile phone being confiscated for the day. They can be collected from the College Office at the end of the day. A second confiscation will result in the student’s phone being locked in the College safe overnight and collected the next day. A third breach will require parent/guardian collection of the phone from the College Office.
  • Parents are reminded that in cases of emergency, the College Office remains a vital and appropriate point of contact and can ensure your child is reached quickly and assisted in any appropriate way.
  • Any student who is feeling unwell at school and needs to go home must arrange this through the College Office. In some situations, students may need to contact home or parents. It is possible for this to occur in the presence of their Year Level Coordinator or a Deputy Principal. Any arrangements to leave school must be made through the College Office.

Summer School Uniform

It is pleasing to see the students wearing the correct school uniform. The College has a set school uniform policy and students are expected to wear it correctly. Uniforms are to be kept clean, pressed and mended, school shoes must be leather, kept clean and polished. More details can be found in the student diary regarding the uniform and grooming requirements for students. It was made clear to students what is permitted at their year level assemblies this week. We look forward to your support in ensuring your son/daughter is in the correct uniform and neatly groomed. No piercings are permitted, other than ear piercings. Penalties will be issued to students if they are wearing the incorrect uniform. If a student is consistently not wearing the correct uniform, they will be sent home and will remain home until the issue is rectified.

I wish to highlight some key points regarding the uniform. Students wearing PE uniform must wear CRC sport socks and only when they have PE, Drama, Dance classes, compete at SACCSS or Premier League competition days. Boys in summer uniform are to wear plain navy-blue socks. Students will be required to wear their school uniform at all full school assemblies and official events e.g. College Mass and VCE Awards Ceremony. Students must wear their blazer if they decide to wear their jumper to school as the blazer is the external garment.

A note in the diary needs to be provided if your child is not wearing the correct uniform. Notes from parents will not entitle students to be out of uniform for more than one school day.


I remind parents that when students will be late or absent you are asked to contact the College in advance on 8099 6000 and follow the prompt to record your child’s absence. A note in the College diary needs to be provided to the student’s homeroom teachers upon their return.

All students who arrive at school after homeroom MUST sign in at the Student Office. Failing to do so results in parents receiving an SMS from the College indicating their child is not here which causes unnecessary confusion and distress.

Students absent on holiday during regular school term:

  • Parents need to write to the Principal providing details of why and when the student will be absent from school. The College will acknowledge this correspondence.
  • Catholic Regional College teaching staff will not be required to provide work for students who are absent from class and miss teaching/learning due to holidays taken in term time.
  • Course outlines will be provided by the subject teacher and available through the school intranet if requested so that parents can deliver/arrange appropriate instruction through a tutor.
  • It will be the responsibility of the student to arrange alternative dates for assessment task completion prior to his/her departure.
  • If the student does not submit the assessment work prior to his/her departure, he/she may receive a grade NS (not submitted) for each task.
  • If the student is absent for a period longer than two weeks, the assessment of his/her work will be made on the tasks completed for the period of the semester he/she has been in attendance at school.

It is not advisable that VCE students are absent from during school for extended periods during the school term.

These absences may have a detrimental effect in subject areas where sequential learning is important.

Attendance at College Events

The College schedules a number of religious, sporting and cultural events during the course of each school year e.g. Celebration Day, College Swimming and Athletic Carnivals. These days provide important opportunities for the growth and development of individual students and are critical for the development and celebration of community. Normal classes do not run on these days and the events are an integral part of the education of each student enrolled at Catholic Regional College. All students must attend all College events as a condition of their enrolment. Student absences will be monitored and non-attendance will inform the re-enrolment process.

Rob Blackley

Deputy Principal Students

From the Religious Education & Faith Development Coordinator

Staff Liturgy

Late last week the staff gathered in prayer to begin the year’s faith journey. The special liturgy was held in the Performing Arts Centre with a focus on welcoming new colleagues and praying for our students and their year ahead.

Shaun Coates

Director of Catholic Identity

Community Services Trainee Opportunity

Future Connect is currently looking to recruit a Community Services Trainee. Ideally, they are seeking a recent school leaver who lives in Melton or Brimbank with an interest in the youth and/or community sectors.

You can find more information by following this link.

Deirdre Hardy

Executive Officer, Future Connect

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