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Weekly Reflection

Come, Holy Spirit, fill the hearts of Your faithful
And kindle in them the fire of Your love
Send forth Your Spirit and they shall be created
And You shall renew the face of the earth
O God, Who instructed the hearts of the faithful by the light of the Holy Spirit, Grant us in the same Spirit to be truly wise and ever rejoice in His consolation. Through Christ, our Lord. Amen

Shaun Coates

Director of Catholic Identity

From the Deputy Principal - Staff

CRC Federation Mass Day

Families are asked to note on their calendars that Friday, 1st June is the CRC Federation Mass day where staff from all five Regional Colleges come together at 2.00pm for Mass and reflection. The morning will be used for our staff to participate in Camps and Excursion Procedures and the College’s Annual Action Plan update. This has operated in Term 1 in previous years.

Semester 2 Subject / Electives Changes

All Year 9 and 10 students will receive copies of their Semester 2 electives this week. After reviewing with parents, request for changes to Semester 2 electives must be emailed directly to myself at between Monday, 28th May and Friday, 8th June. In the email, students need to nominate the electives they wish to change from and change to, along with a reason. I will then email students times to follow up on requests. Note that all changes are subject to blocking clashes, class sizes and selection requirements.

Year 11 students will be able to investigate any Unit 2 subject changes from Tuesday, 12th June. Students must first talk to their subject teacher before requesting a time to meet with Mrs Dickson, Pathways Coordinator. Once a pathway plan has been approved, students can complete a 'Change of Subject' Form. All changes must be applied for and processed by Thursday, 28th June.

VCE Unit 3 / Year 12 VCAL Parent-Student-Teacher Interviews

A Parent-Student-Teacher Interview evening will be held on Thursday, 7th June between 4.00pm to 7.00pm for VCE Unit 3 & Year 12 VCAL students. These Interviews will be booked through our Parent Access Module (PAM)which will be open on Thursday, 31st May. Normal classes will operate during the day.

It is expected that students attend interviews with their parents/guardians.

Mid Year Exams & Timed Assessment Tasks

Last week we published the College’s formal assessment schedule that will operate across Years 7 – 11. Below is a reminder of the first of these. Year 9 – 11 Exams begin on Thursday, 14th June.

Years 7 & 8

Apart from Timed Assessment Tasks that will operate in normal class time, all Year 7 & 8 students will do a Timed Assessment Task in Mathematics and English blocks at the same time. These assessment tasks will take place in their Homeroom Groups in their normal scheduled class. See below.


4th June


5th June


6th June


8th June

Yr. 7 Maths

HR A – C

Period 1

Yr. 7 English

Period 2

Yr. 8 Maths

HR A – C

Period 3

Yr. 7 Maths

HR D - R

Per 2

Yr. 8 English

Period 3

Yr. 8 Maths

HR D - R

Period 1

John Christie

Deputy Principal Staff

Student News

Congratulations to Emily Kro who competed in the Oceania Karate Championships in Auckland over the weekend. Emily took home a Gold Medal and is now the Under 21, Under 50kg Female Kumite Oceania Champion.

Rob Blackley

Deputy Principal Students

VCE Drama Classes WOW Audience!

The VCE Drama classes worked tirelessly in preparation for their ensemble performance night on 16th May. Each presentation was in the non-naturalistic style where the focus is more on the message of each piece, as opposed to more natural styles where the focus is placed on the story and/or characters. As such, the audience saw frequent changes in character, time and place. The Year 11 Drama class presented, 'Keep Your Coins, We Want Change,' and the Year 12 Drama class presented 'Rose Coloured Glasses, and 'Suri:' All students involved are congratulated for their dedication and astounding performances.

Jessica Godwell

Performing Arts Coordinator

Head Lice

The school has had a case of Head Lice reported in Year 7. We ask that parents check their child for Lice.

Students identified with live head lice should be excluded from school until the day after treatment has commenced, as set out in the Health (Infectious Diseases) Regulations 2001, School Exclusion Table.

Sue Davie

College Nurse

Parents & Friends Meeting

The next Parents & Friends Meeting will be held on Wednesday 30th May at 7:00pm. All welcome.

Speech Box - Vocabulary Development

Speech Boxes are provided for parents and students to suggest strategies that can be used to support learning. This speech box considers the importance of vocabulary in academic success. This year we will provide you with many speech boxes that will cover different topics and provide information and suggestions for strategies that can enhance learning.

Attached is the first Speech Pathologists for Schools “Speech Box" for the year.

Speech Pathologists for Schools

Reconciliation Week

The theme for Reconciliation Week in 2018 is Don't keep history a mystery - Learn. Share. Grow.

Melton City Council are encouraging people to explore their past, learn more about Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander history and cultures and develop a deeper understanding of our national story.

This year we are hosting an event for Reconciliation Week at the Melton Community Hall. This will include a Welcome to Country, didgeridoo performance and a reading by Charmaine Hamilton from the Melton History book.

Enjoy light refreshments, and take away with you a copy of the Wurundjeri's Cultural heritage of the Melton City Council written by Bill and Mandy Nicholson. A story which is one of the many stories of Australian's first people.

Fran Grossi

Intercultural Project Officer, Melton City Council

Refugee Week and the launch of Intercultural Cities

You are invited to celebrate Refugee Week 2018 and the launch of the Melton City Council's membership to the Council of Europe's Intercultural Cities Programme.

The Melton City Council is proud to announce its membership to the Intercultural Cities programme and its ongoing commitment to promote diversity and inclusion.

As an Intercultural City we focus on building trust and cohesion by encouraging interaction and mixing between cultural groups in the public realm and encouraging a positive discourse and attitude to diversity within the community.

We are pleased to launch this significant milestone for the Melton City Council on Refugee Week; a week to celebrate and acknowledge the valuable contributions of refugees to Australian society.

Please join us on Wednesday, 20th June to hear the inspiring stories of refugees and asylum seekers, enjoy cultural performances and food.

Fran Grossi, Intercultural Project Officer

Melton City Council

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