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Weekly Reflection

Do all the good you can

Do all the good you can,
By all the means you can,
In all the ways you can,
In all the places you can,
At all the times you can,
To all the people you can,
As long as you ever can.

- Mother Teresa

Shaun Coates

Director of Catholic Identity

From the Principal

Welcome back to all families for the start of Term 3. I hope that you all had a restful break and that students are ready to engage in our Semester Two learning programs and activities. I am pleased to be Acting Principal during the first 4 weeks of this term whilst Mark Sheehan is on Long Service Leave. Kerrie-Ann Matthews will be Acting Deputy Principal - Staff during this time.


We welcome both new and returning staff to our CRC Melton family. Mr Ian Box joins us in the Health/PE area, Mr Wesley McDougall in the Student Support Area and Mrs Maria Brown, who replaces Miss Ashlee Hughes whilst she is on LSL this term. We also welcome back Mrs Lauren Spearman from Family leave.


Semester One Reports are now available through the Parent Portal. If any parents/guardians are not able to access the online reports, please email the College at

Semester Two Subject Changes

All Year 9, 10 & 11 Semester Two changes have been finalised. If there are still any concerns with elective placements, student or parents need to contact the Year Level Coordinator to request any changes. Please note that numbers are very tight and students must still fulfil the required subject requirements in our Domain Areas.

2020 Subject Selections

Term 3 marks the start of our 2020 Subject Selection process.

Year 11 students will be given their 2020 Year 12 Subject Selection Information this week.

Year 11 2020 Subject Selection starts with an Information Evening this Thursday, which all students and parents/guardians are urged to attend. Part of the VCE selection process involves student and parent/guardian interviews.

Staff Faith Day –15th July

Yesterday was our Staff Faith day. It was held at CRC Caroline Springs where teaching staff were engaged with a presentation from Dr Carmody Grey on The Gospel of Mercy and Measuring Success. Both sessions were insightful and thought provoking and increased our understanding of today’s Church.

John Christie

Deputy Principal Staff

From the Director of Learning

Firstly, a very warm welcome to Term 3 to all students and their families. Students are encouraged to make the most of every learning opportunity presented to them and revisit their study habits and work ethic in an effort to submit tasks that reflect their full potential.

In reaching their full potential, students should reflect on the feedback they received in their Student Report and on the parent portal last term. This feedback is valuable to improving student learning by highlighting areas that students both excel in and areas that need some focus. I encourage all students to strive to achieve continual academic improvement by setting high standards, seeking help, believing in themselves and working hard.

For parents and carers, we encourage you to continue to be engaged in your student’s learning. Ask questions, have them teach you what they learnt at school, provide a space conducive to study and supervise their home study. The feedback from Semester 1 will also guide you in what specific support your student needs; perhaps it is to limit social activities to allow students to complete their work at home, or to ensure that the iPad contains largely learning materials and not only games and movies or even ensure that work is simply proofread before submission.

Narelle Layton

Director of Learning

Languages News

Calabria Club Excursion

On the 27th of June, we went to the Calabria Club and had an enjoyable day. We were involved in 4 fun activities that were important to the culture of Italy including bocce, soccer, pasta making and dancing! Out of the four activities, pasta making was my favourite - although if eating was an activity, I would choose that! On behalf of Year 8, I would say we all had an amazing day! Thank you to Mrs. Russo and all the Year 8 teachers for organising a wonderful day out.

-Ellie Grainger 8A

Dante Alighieri Italian Poetry Competition - June, 2019

On Wednesday 26th June the Year 9, 11 and 12 Italian students enjoyed the morning at the University of Melbourne where they partook in a Poetry Recitation Competition. Thirty eight students participated from CRC Melton. We are delighted to announce that we have two finalists who will be competing this week for first, second or third prize, out of 4000 students statewide. We congratulate Ashley Scicluna in Year 12 and Hero Rosales in Year 9 who will attend the University of Melbourne on Thursday 18th July to hopefully, attain a winning placement. In bocca a lupo!

Claudia Russo

Domain Leader - LOTE

Sports News

Congratulations to Montana Djatschenko who was selected to represent Australia in the Oceania area Championships (Athletics) in Townsville on 24th-29th June. It was an honour for Montana to represent her country and wear the green and gold which she had been dreaming of since she started the sport as a 5 year old. Montana placed 2nd in the U20's Long Jump.

Volleyball News

Term 3 Volleyschool

Students are invited to sign up for Volleyschool for Term 3. Sessions will run from 4:00pm til 5:30pm on Thursday evenings.

The first session will be on the 25th July and will then run each Thursday evening until the end of Term, so come along and get coached by State League Volleyball coaches.

See attached information sheet for payment details or contact Michael Hill at

CRC Melton Volleyball Mini Tournament

The CRC Melton Volleyball Mini Tournament is only 2 weeks away and we would like to introduce as many of you as possible to the game of Volleyball.

Western Region Volleyball will run a two week Mini Tournament at the start of Term 3. This event will run on Thursday 1st and 8th August from 5:30pm (straight after Volleyschool) in the Sheehan Stadium. Cost is $5 per night, per player.

Students, staff, CRC Melton family members and ex-students are all welcome to enter the Tournament. So that the Tournament can run smoothly, please advise your interest in participating by emailing me with your name and the names of any others you will be bringing along to play.

You dont need to be part of a team to join in. We can organise individuals to fit in to teams for the two nights. We need to know numbers before the night to allow a fixture of games to be arranged to fit in as many games as possible. For further infiormation, please email me at

Michael Hill

Volleyball Coach

WRV-Volleyschool-Costs-2019-Melton-5.pdf (0.08Mb)

Book Reviews

Wings of Fire #12 By Tui T Sutherland

Growing up in the hives, Cricket has always had a million questions. Why are trees forbidden, even in art? Why do her parents seem to hate her? And the biggest, most dangerous and secret question of all: why is Cricket immune to Queen Wasp's powers? Whenever the queen takes control of all the HiveWings, speaking through their mouths and seeing through their eyes, Cricket has to hide, terrified of being discovered.

Now she's hiding again, wanted for stealing the Book of Clearsight along with her new SilkWing friends, Blue and Swordtail, and the fierce LeafWing, Sundew. The fugitives need answers, and fast, in order to prevent a LeafWing attack. But Cricket has more questions than ever. How can she stay hidden and discover the queen's deadliest secret? And if she does succeed, can a powerless dragonet really do anything to topple a regime and stop a war?

Always Another Country By Sisonke Msimang

Born in exile, in Zambia, to a guerrilla father and a working mother, Sisonke Msimang is constantly on the move. Her parents, talented and highly educated, travel from Zambia to Kenya and Canada and beyond with their young family. Always the outsider, and against a backdrop of racism and xenophobia, Sisonke develops her keenly perceptive view of the world. In this sparkling account of a young girl's path to womanhood, Sisonke interweaves her personal story with her political awakening in America and Africa, her euphoria at returning to the new South Africa, and her disillusionment with the new elites. Confidential and reflective, Always Another Country is a search for belonging and identity: a warm and intimate story that will move many readers.

Library Team

Woolworths Earn & Learn

Thank you for your participation and support in the Woolworths Earn and Learn promotion. The school raised a healthy total of 8,157 points. These points were used to purchase equipment for the Lunchtime Art Club, The Fire Carrier Indigenous Leaders Group and The Library for lunchtime activities. A photo will follow once our delivery arrives in the coming weeks. This will go a long way towards providing entertaining projects for the students at lunchtimes.

Belinda Brown and Danielle Naumcevski

Headspace Melton’s Tuning into Teens

Headspace Melton’s Tuning into Teens Term 3 Program will run for 7 consecutive weeks from Wednesday 24th July until 11th September between 6:00pm-8.30pm. It will have an emphasis on Early Intervention and managing difficult behaviour. Our consortium partner Mackillop Family Services will be co-facilitating the program with our staff.

See attached flyer for more information.

Testimonials from this term’s participants and more information regarding the program can be accessed by clicking this link:

Luke Hartley

Community Awareness and Engagement Worker | Odyssey House Victoria

hsm_TINT_Term3_Flyer-1.pdf (0.29Mb)

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