Weekly Reflection

The Winter Solstice, the shortest day and longest night of the year is this Thursday.

What is God’s message in the long dark night? It is that the night can get no longer, the days can get no shorter, and a few short months from now all of Creation will once again bloom with life.

With the coming of Spring, an explosion of colour will then envelope the hillsides and flowerbeds. There is hope once again for warmer days in the sun.

This is also the yearly example of God showing that he is the master of the created order. There is no chaos in his creation. Everything happens by His design and will. All of creation is under God’s command and control. In the book of Job, God asks Job and his companions a stream of questions:

“Who cuts a channel for the flooding rain or clears the way for lightning, to bring rain on an uninhabited land, on a desert with no human life, to satisfy the parched wasteland and cause the grass to sprout? Does the rain have a father? Who fathered the drops of dew? 

Whose womb did the ice come from? Who gave birth to the frost of heaven when water becomes as hard as stone, and the surface of the watery depths is frozen?

Who put wisdom in the heart or gave the mind understanding?

Who has the wisdom to number the clouds? Or who can tilt the water jars of heaven when the dust hardens like cast metal and the clods of dirt stick together?” Job, Chapter 38

God is asking Job and his friends who is in charge of all creation, who set it all into motion, and who has the master control switch for everything that happens.

The answer to all of these questions is “only God”.

So in the continuing long days of this winter, we have the promise from God that Spring is not far away.

Shaun Coates

Director of Catholic Identity

From the Principal

One of the best aspects of my role as Principal is that no two days ever seem the same.

I was privileged recently to attend the BrainSTEM Innovation Challenge hosted by the Toyota Centre of Excellence in Altona North, where a small but enthusiastic group of Year 9 and 10 students pitched their innovative idea for a pen that provided assisted technology for students who learn best via auditory processing.

Our students had been mentored by an industry scientist and participated in interactive workshops over several months that exposed them to design tools and fostered innovation and critical thinking. The program aims to give students skills and capabilities for the future, including working as a team, listening actively and presenting effectively.

You can read the full story and see more photos in this week’s newsletter.

Last Wednesday, I attended mass at St Catherine of Siena church to celebrate the feast day of St Anthony of Padua. It was delightful to be joined by our feeder primary school students preparing for their first Holy Communion. Their enthusiasm in responding during mass and their confidence in asking questions of the senior students were wonderful to experience.

This week I will join a group of students participating in Muay Thai classes to improve fitness, build self-confidence and defend their personal space. Later this week, I will also visit Year 10 students participating in Work Experience, followed by a visit to the Year 9 Rite Journey camp.

These activities demonstrate the wealth of opportunities provided for students across the College. As I talk to students about their experiences, I feel blessed to work in an occupation that offers such interest and variety every day.

As we approach the end of term, I wish our students and families a restful break. Many are taking advantage of no restrictions and are venturing overseas for long-anticipated holidays. We wish everyone safe travels.

Marlene Jorgensen


Looking Ahead - Melton Campus Students

Dates to remember
Friday 23 JuneFinal day of Term 2 - students dismissed at 2.30pm - click here to view bus arrangements
Wednesday 12 JulyStudents return for Term 3
Tuesday 18 July

College Tour - click here to register

Wednesday 26 JulyParents and Friends Meeting

Looking Ahead - Cobblebank Campus Students

Dates to remember
Friday 23 JuneFinal day of Term 2 - students dismissed at 2pm - click here to view bus arrangements
Wednesday 12 JulyStudents return for Term 3
Wednesday 26 JulyParents and Friends Meeting

From the Deputy Principal - Head of Cobblebank Campus

As we prepare to move to the new campus next term, it is timely to look back on our students’ achievements during Term 2 and the events and activities they have enjoyed here at the Melton Campus.

It was with great pleasure that we welcomed our inaugural school leaders this term. These students are in a unique position as they would normally wait until their senior years to apply for these roles. We look forward to hearing more from them as they share their ideas during Semester 2.

The Sports Association of Catholic Co-educational Secondary Schools (SACCSS) Premier League competition played a major part in our Term 2 activities. We were fortunate to be represented in netball, basketball, soccer and volleyball. It was wonderful to see our students’ skills develop during the six-week competition and the team spirit and sportsmanship that were evident. Congratulations to both the boys’ volleyball and soccer teams that made the semi-finals.

Pictured below (left to right) Premier League Volleyball Team and Premier League Soccer Team.

While the Premier League teams competed, students who remained at school were involved in activities including community service, art and sport.

Students involved in community service either volunteered at the Melton Food Bank, helped students at St Catherine of Siena Primary School, or knitted to raise funds for various charities.

The art group designed and painted a skateboard, while the sports group participated in various clinics.

In our classrooms, students have worked hard in all their subjects and experienced their first Timed Assessment Task (TAT) in Maths. This provided an opportunity to experience a formal assessment setting and develop and practice skills they will need for exams in their senior years.

Many of the musicians in our cohort attended the ensemble camp this term, with students learning an instrument and students who attend the regular ensemble sessions participating.

Rehearsals have continued for the College production to be debuted next term. We look forward to seeing the students shine.

Our students also joined in the annual College Athletics Carnival at the Bridge Road Athletics Track in Atherstone. They cheered and encouraged their fellow competitors and made new connections within their Houses.

Students in Padua and Glowrey houses attended a para liturgy to commemorate the feast day of St Anthony of Padua (feast day) and the birthday of Dr Sr Mary Glowrey. It was an opportunity to further explore and learn from the significant contributions that St Anthony and Dr Sr Mary made.

Even though there was some disappointment that we could not move into the new campus at the start of the year as planned, I am sure the students and staff will look back on their time at the Melton campus with positive memories.

We look forward to an exciting and rewarding Term 3 exploring and settling into our new buildings.

To end the term, we asked students to give us their highlights. Below is a snapshot of what they had to say.

"The things I really enjoyed this term were the Athletics Carnival, where we played different types of sports and I liked coding in digital technology because it was fun trying something new and cool." Ricky

"I enjoyed this term’s training days for girls soccer. It was heaps of fun preparing each week for the upcoming match. Working with Miss Bacchin has been the absolute best, as she’s the an amazing trainer, plus working with the other girls helped us form stronger bonds." Mariela

"I very much liked the premier league because it was fun and competitive." Enrique

"I enjoyed the Athletics Carnival and participating in volleyball premier league because of the memories and achievements made throughout both events." Lianne

"I like Italian because it’s a fun language to learn and I love Maths because it’s about solving a problem that’s in front of you. Maths is sometimes difficult but that’s what makes it fun for me. I also enjoyed the Athletics Carnival." Chloe

"The event I most enjoyed was premier league. I liked seeing other schools play volleyball and I enjoyed participating in the volleyball team." Subha

"The one thing (we) enjoyed in Semester 2 was premiere league." Ekamjot and Lewis

"This term I enjoyed being able to participate in school activities with my friends, classmates and schoolmates, especially being the last term at the Melton Campus. I enjoyed sharing a canteen with the Melton campus, having a spacious area to eat my lunch and to have events like the Athletics Carnival. I appreciate the many opportunities I was given this term and I hope to have more like this next term." Allexis

"This term I've enjoyed experiencing new things and meeting new people." Mehak

"I had fun at the Athletics Carnival." Parneet

"I’ve enjoyed seeing my friends from Melton and making new friends at Cobblebank." Chloe

Kerrie-Ann Matthews

Deputy Principal - Head of Cobblebank Campus

From the Deputy Principal Learning and Teaching

Congratulations to Cobblebank and Melton Year 7 students and Melton Year 8 students who completed a whole year-level Timed Assessment Task and responded well to the requirements of the session.

This experience allows our students to become familiar with the exam process. It aims to reduce anxiety for the external General Achievement Test (GAT) and Year 12 exams at the end of their senior year.

Congratulations also to Year 10 and 11 students on navigating exam requirements and to Year 12 students who completed the GAT last Thursday.

Information is provided to students before these formal events and they must follow all requirements when entering the exam spaces.

I would like to highlight the importance of bringing dictionaries to the English examinations. There are many words students are not familiar with, and having a resource that helps them to understand and respond to the questions, is essential. Families are encouraged to talk to their children about how to maximise success.

2024 subject selection

When we return from the holidays, there will be much information on subject selection, career and pathway choices for our Year 9 and 10 students.

Students, families and guardians are required to attend the Year 10 2024 and Year 11 2024 Subject and Pathways Expo and Information Evening on Thursday 20 July.

You will be able to talk to teachers and current students about various subjects and pathways. Information on what careers these subjects and courses lead to will also be available.

Students will soon have access to the 2024 Subject Selection Handbook and you are encouraged to read this with your child and be actively involved in the process. Students should make selections that focus on their strengths and areas of interest.

Our Pathways staff, Domain Leaders, VCE, VET and Applied Learning Leaders, House Leaders and teachers are available to help and guide students through the subject selection process.

New extension in Gadal building

The new Gadal extension is being used for a range of subjects. We now have access to two 3D printers and Year 7 Cobblebank students are using these in their Design and Technology subject.

Year 9 students will use the printers in their Project Based Learning units in Term 3.

We look forward to the many uses this space will provide for delivery of our Year 9 curriculum.

Joanne Holmes

Deputy Principal Learning and Teaching

Melton Campus dismissal time final day of Term 2

The final day of Term 2 is this Friday 23 June.

Melton Campus students will be dismissed at 2.30pm.

If your child catches one of the following buses home from school:

  • Diggers Rest – Rockbank – Melton
  • Toolern Vale – Melton
  • Bacchus Marsh – via Golflinks
  • Melton – Eynesbury – Strathtulloh
  • Hopetoun Park
  • Busbiz service to Eynesbury

please note that these services will depart from the Melton Campus 30 minutes earlier than normal on Friday due to the earlier dismissal times.

Cobblebank Campus dismissal time final day of Term 2

The final day of Term 2 is this Friday 23 June.

Cobblebank Campus students will be dismissed at 2pm. The regular bus that runs between Melton Campus and Cobblebank Stadium will depart soon after and students will be at the stadium at approximately 2.15pm.

If your child catches one of the following buses home from school:

  • Diggers Rest – Rockbank – Melton
  • Toolern Vale – Melton
  • Bacchus Marsh – via Golflinks
  • Melton – Eynesbury – Strathtulloh
  • Hopetoun Park
  • Busbiz service to Eynesbury

please note that these services will depart from the Melton Campus 30 minutes earlier than normal on Friday due to the earlier dismissal time.

Sewing Help Needed

Are you able to assist with some basic sewing for the College production during the holidays?

Please email Louise Thompson for more information at lthompson@sfcc.vic.edu.au

Census Collection Notice

Please click on the document below to read a message from the Australian Government Department of Education about its collection information about our school, its staff and the student body as part of the 2023 Non-Government School Census collection.

Students unveil concept for BrainSTEM Innovation Challenge

On Friday 9 June, students involved in the BrainSTEM Innovation Challenge made their final presentation at the Toyota Centre of Excellence.

After many weeks of development and in consultation with our mentor Dr Wenyi Li of La Trobe University, students unveiled their idea of a Personal Auditory Pen (PAL).

Based on the United Nations Sustainable Development Goal of Education, students wanted to create an innovation that would benefit their peers with auditory processing issues, so they have equal access to learning.

Their innovative device included many features such as a USB port, microphone, ON/OFF button, help button, stylus and a useful smartphone app called ‘MicDrop’, from which recorded lessons could be easily accessed.

We congratulate Alanis, Jordan, Luke, Samantha and Sneha for their dedication in attending many lunchtime Zoom meetings, their eagerness to innovate and design and their efforts to create a device that benefits many.

Lisa Bui

Science Domain Leader

A Different Look at Languages

Over the last few weeks, a number of Melton Campus Year 7 classes have participated in a unique cultural and linguistic workshop with the College’s Community Liaison and Education Support Officer Abraham Jongroor.

Abraham shared with the students what a day in his life looks like working with the Sudanese and South Sudanese communities to forge stronger and more collaborative bonds with the College community.

Students learned how language can enrich their life, the lives of those around them, and how it can support a person's future study and career endeavours.

Abraham focused on Arabic and Dinka (and its various dialects) and students learned several words and expressions and watched videos of some unique cultural rituals.

It was particularly pleasing to see how well the students engaged with these workshops, with several students sharing additional Dinka words and phrases that they know and use with their families at home.

Seeing their background represented in the classroom was an invaluable experience and aligns with our school's vision to accept, welcome and celebrate all staff and students, and the diversity they bring to the College.

Without a doubt, this introductory session provided the foundations for students to learn more about these communities, deepen their appreciation for how languages can build bridges whilst also facilitating cross-community understanding, respect and inclusion.

Here is what some of the students said about the workshop:

In class we got to interview Mr Jongroor... and through his presentation, I learned a lot more about my culture since I’m Sudanese myself. Alek

Learning and understanding someone’s language brings your relationship closer... and can also be a sign of respect and shows you care. Nova

I would like to learn more about Sudanese culture and Italian language. I think being a [cultural] bridge is good because it is good to help other people in your community. Daniel

Learning new languages... can change your life. Never miss the opportunity to learn something new. Also, it is okay to make mistakes. If you never make mistakes, then you will never learn anything new. Roselyn

Learning a new language can give you an opportunity to gain a deeper understanding of somebody else’s culture. Through learning a different language, you begin to realise how different cultural backgrounds behave. Kristy

Learning a new language not only helps build more relationships but also improves your mindset and your behaviour around others. Bawi

I think it is important to know about your culture and [regarding language learning], you need determination and when you make a mistake, keep going. Keeley

[Learning new languages] can help you understand the people there... and it will feel amazing. You can fully appreciate the country, language and the people. Leila

It is good to step out of your comfort zone and learn some different languages. Josh

I would like to learn more about their traditional dancing. Phoenix

I would like to learn about the history of Sudan and South Sudan. I want to learn more phrases in Dinka. Tom

Learning new languages helps you discover new cultures around the world. Owen

Learning more languages and cultures... can be beneficial to understanding their beliefs and ways of thinking. Keisha

Learning others’ languages and about their cultures is a good way to build relationships... and [to find] more work opportunities. Aryan

Year 7 Italian students and teacher Joshua Bach

Students Attend Melton Youth Forum

Our students recently contributed their thoughts and ideas at the Melton Youth Forum run by Melton Council, which focused on inclusivity and accessibility for people of all abilities.

Forum participants heard from Mayor Lara Carli and the council’s Advocacy & Inclusion Officer Nicole Migani-Roberts about what the Council already does and then from students about what more could be done.

It was an engaging experience for the students who participated in a range of activities and games with students from other schools.

“The Melton Youth Forum was designed to gain an understanding of the experiences of young people living in Melton and the opportunities that could enhance our future. 

"The day consisted of many engaging and educational activities where we were able to address our concerns through group brainstorms, posters, and fun games. Everyone was able to get involved and contribute in their own way, which was great to see. 

"It was also a way to meet new people from other schools, which gave us insight into the current issues everyone is facing. The day was very insightful and a memorable experience.” Jessica, Year 12

“This year’s at the Melton Youth Forum was inclusivity and accessibility in the community. We were given the chance to collaborate with other Melton schools to share our concerns. 

"In random groups, we co-designed many ways to implement our thoughts and ideas in the community and how we would address issues happening in Melton. 

"It was great to be able to express our concerns with people we aren’t familiar with, and it was so inspiring and empowering to be able to make changes in our community.” Chantelle, Year 12

Nirasha Pandi

Student Leadership Coordinator

Inter-house Basketball Competition

This term we started an inter-house basketball tournament that will continue in Term 3.

Each house has created a mixed-year-level team of students to compete.

It has been a great experience for all the students to not only earn house points but to also get to know their fellow house members better.

So far, we have had an amazing outcome with students getting involved whether they are playing, supporting from the sideline, or even helping with the refereeing.

There are three games left in Term 3 which will be followed by the semi-finals and grand final. The ladder at the end of Term 2 is below.


Year 12 student and Sports Captain

Students Compete in Local Talent Show

Last Friday night, five of our students took part in the Music Dance Culture High School Talent Battle at the Melton Community Centre

Organised by the City of Melton Young Communities, the competition showcased the amazing talent of our local high school students.

Representing St Francis Catholic College was our VET Music band Slightly Askew made up of Year 12 students Khallea, Issac, Jai and Kevin and solo singer Year 9 student Tia.

While our students missed out on placing in the top three, they gained valuable experience performing in front of a very enthusiastic live audience and a panel of judges.

Amy Rowley

Director of Community Relations

Join the Melton Senior Snow Trip

Year 10, 11 and 12 students are invited to participate in a College Ski Trip at Mt Buller from 24-26 August.

There are limited places left on the trip, which costs $725 and includes gear rental, lessons, lift passes, transport by coach, accommodation and meals. Staff attending have experience facilitating school camps at Mt Buller.

Families who would like their children to attend are expected to be up to date with their school fees.

To join the ski trip, please contact Stephanie Bertalmio via email at sbertalmio@sfcc.vic.edu.au Applications will be assessed in order of receipt.

Refugee Week

This week we celebrate Refugee Week to recognise the positive contributions made by refugees to Australia.

At St Francis Catholic College we are privileged to be a part of a vibrant and diverse community that celebrates and recognises the richness of multiculturalism.

A prayer for refugees:

Lord, we pray for refugees in Australia who have faced unimaginable hardships for the sole purpose of finding safety and freedom. 

We acknowledge the difficulties some of our families have faced on their journey to our country to live a life without the fear of war, to have basic human rights upheld and to live in equality and without the fear of persecution. 

Grant them strength, resilience, and hope as they navigate the challenges of starting anew.

Surround them with a supportive community that embraces them with open arms, offering love, understanding, and assistance.


Maria Krajina

EAL Coordinator

Simon Everywhere App

Put permission requests for excursions, emails and school reports at your fingertips when you download the Simon Everywhere app to your smartphone.

The app gives you access to PAM, the College online parent portal and allows you to:

  • give permission for excursions
  • log student absences
  • receive notifications from the College
  • sign in without having to enter your username and password each time
  • access your child’s reports, grades and attendance
  • update medical information.

Simon Everywhere can be downloaded from the Apple Store or the Google Play store. Below are guides to help you.

Please email itsupport@sfcc.vic.edu.au if you require further information or assistance.

Community Notices

Soup Van volunteers wanted

Melbourne Victory Holiday Program

On Track School Holiday Program

Keeping your children safe online - eSafety Commissioner webinars

Mental Health First Aid Course

Mental Health First Aid Course

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