Weekly Reflection

The Memorarae

Remember, O most gracious Virgin Mary,

that never was it known that anyone who fled to thy protection,

implored thy help or sought thy intercession, was left unaided.

Inspired with this confidence, I fly unto thee, O Virgin of virgins my Mother;

to thee do I come, before thee I stand, sinful and sorrowful;

O Mother of thy Word Incarnate, despise not my petitions,

but in thy clemency hear and answer me. Amen.

Feast of the Assumption - 15 AugustPicture: Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary, St Aloysius Church, Somers Town, London.

Shaun Coates

Director of Catholic Identity

From the Principal

Last week our Pathways Coordinator Sasha Dickson shared with staff a presentation from the Labour Market Research and Analysis Branch of the Federal Government.

The research looked at the impact of the pandemic and its implications for young people.

Several important messages for our current students come from this study. The considerable increase in unemployment will place increased pressure on those who are seeking work. The study identifies three key elements to success in gaining employment:

  • Education
  • Experience
  • Employability skills.

    For some students, university is a natural next step after graduating from secondary school. However, others may wish to continue via a Vocational Education and Training (VET). The graph below shows VET graduates have a 4.4% higher employment rate compared to university graduates, four months after graduation.

    The skills shortages highlighted by the report also support the encouragement of further education and training for our young people in the trades area.

    Whichever pathway to further education is taken, the important message is that now is not the time to leave school. The higher the qualification your child can achieve, the better their chance of gaining employment.

    I wish to thank all staff involved in subject selection interviews over the past few weeks. The time spent with students discussing future pathways and selecting appropriate subjects will ensure the best possible outcomes for the young men and women of our College.

    More than a statistic

    Each day when we hear the news of the growing number of deaths in Victoria due to COVID-19 it is possible to become complacent - to think only in numbers and graphs and to detach ourselves from the enormous human tragedy that is unfolding. But behind each of these statistics is a person - a grandmother, a mother or a father.

    On Sunday one of our valued staff, Mrs Edwina La Rose, and her daughter Bernadette Lawrence, also a staff member, lost their mother and grandmother Frances Micallef to COVID-19.

    Frances would have turned 87 on 3 September. She was visited in her nursing home by her daughters every day for the past five years until the recent lockdown.

    Our thoughts and prayers are with her family and with all of those who are suffering at this time.

    It is a strong reminder to stay home and to stay safe.

    Marlene Jorgensen


    Looking Ahead

    Dates to remember
    Thursday 20 AugustYear 12 VTAC Information Night - 7pm
    Friday 21 AugustStudent Free Day - Staff Service Day
    Wednesday 26 AugustParents and Friends Meeting - 7pm

    Staff Service Day

    CRC Melton’s annual Staff Service Day will be held this Friday 21 August. It is a student-free day and the front office will be closed.

    The College introduced the service day more than ten years ago to:

    • Be a mid-term rest or break from classes in the most difficult part of the year. This is linked to the concept of laying ‘fallow’; the practice of leaving fields free from sown crops for a year to allow nutrients in the earth to replenish. In this case, it was hoped staff would be refreshed by a day absent from class.
    • Encourage staff to set aside some prayerful and contemplative time to nourish their faith and spirituality.
    • Enable staff to seek out and perform an act of service. Over the years staff members have assisted in reading programs at primary schools, donated blood or plasma, helped out at opportunity shops, chopped wood for a neighbour, knitted beanies for the homeless, visited the elderly in nursing homes or even hospital wards.

    In 2020 this special day will still go ahead as a student-free day with the very same aims. However, we expect staff will reach out to serve others in more creative ways given the current COVID-19 restrictions.

    Parents are also encouraged to ask their children how they can be of service to others, including family members, on this day.
    Shaun Coates

    Director of Catholic Identity

    Community Service achievement

    As a vital and vibrant part of the community, the College seeks to live out its ethos, to provide an environment that nurtures and encourages Catholic values. It endeavours to lead students to see they have a responsibility to the broader community and encourages them to become members of society who are active, worthwhile and effective.

    It is with this in mind that we encourage our senior students to connect with the local and wider community by being engaged in selfless Christian acts of service.

    Year 11 students Shannon Tuilaepa and Kirsty Caruana have completed 20 hours of community service - a tremendous effort given the trying circumstances we have experienced this year.

    Shannon is involved with the music performances at his local parish on weekends and Kirsty volunteered at Western Health where she directed people to different floors and areas of the hospital, sold magazines and toiletries to patients that could not get out of bed and spent time talking to patients who were lonely to keep them company.

    Our congratulations to both students on a fantastic effort.

    David Arthurson and Lauren Whitford

    Year 11 and Assistant Year 11 Coordinators

    From the Deputy Principal Students

    Helping your child manage their time

    Elevate Education will host a Time Management webinar this evening (Tuesday 18 August) at 6pm. The webinar will provide parents and guardians with tips on how to help students manage their time, plan, improve their focus and avoid procrastination.

    The webinar will run for one hour and is free to join. Click here to reserve your place.


    Foundation House Webinar

    Parents and guardians are invited to join a series of webinars with Dr Santino Atem Deng to share ideas on general wellbeing and raising children in Australia, especially during the current pandemic and lockdown.

    More information about the African Australian Youth Program run by Foundation House is also available below.

    AAYP Flyer

    Rob Blackley

    Deputy Principal Students

    Problem Solving During DLM

    Our Assistant Year 8 Coordinator Hollie Whitlock has produced this simple guide to help students stay on track with their studies during Distance Learning Mode.

    From the Deputy Principal Staff

    2021 Subject Selections

    Year 11 and 12 2021 subject selections have now closed.

    All students should have lodged their Final Selection page (from Selection Guide) and a copy of their Web Preferences receipt with their homeroom teacher.

    We are now in the process of finalising which subjects will run in 2021 and completing blockings.

    Students will be given their initial allocations later in the term. VCAL students will also be notified of the outcome of their applications.

    Year 9 students must submit their Year 10 2021 Final Selection page (from Selection Guide) and copy of their Web Preferences receipt with their homeroom teacher by this Thursday 20 August.

    Year 8 students and families will receive information and selection guides for their 2021 Year 9 electives this week via email and during online assemblies. The selection process will be completed by Thursday 3 September.

    John Christie

    Deputy Principal Staff

    From the Deputy Principal Learning and Teaching

    Senior pathways

    It was a wonderful opportunity to be involved in the student and family Vincit and Yr 10 VCAL pathway interviews last Wednesday.

    Again, the Teams platform was invaluable in providing us with a chance to discuss the programs, answer questions and talk to our students about their career ideas and aspirations.

    VCE update

    The Victorian Curriculum and Assessment Authority has indicated some flexibility in providing opportunities for Unit 4 students to complete SACs and SATs onsite at the College provided COVID-19 protocols are in place and adhered to during Stage 4 lockdown.

    We are working towards making this available for successful completion of some SACs and SATs that require students on site. Further information will be provided by our VCE Coordinator as the College works through the logistics.

    VTAC Information Evening

    The Year 12 VTAC Information Evening will be held online this Thursday 20 August from 7pm through Teams.

    Pathways Coordinator Ms Sasha Dickson will explain the process for applying for tertiary studies.

    CRC Melton has a large team of staff who work together to ensure our students are supported in their decision making for their pathways beyond Year 12.

    This includes the Year Level Coordinator (Ms Dunne), VCE Coordinator (Ms Lock), VCAL Coordinator (Ms Layton), VET Coordiantor (Ms Mifsud) and Pathways Coordinator (Ms Dickson). Please contact the relevant person if you have any concerns or questions.

    Our Year 8 students commence the selection process for their 2021 electives this week.

    Students will have access to the pre-recorded presentation and will be guided through the process by their Homeroom teachers.

    Parents and guardians can help their children make relevant choices by discussing interests, passions and engagement. Some questions to use are:

    • What electives have you enjoyed the most in Year 7 and 8?
    • Why did you enjoy these electives?
    • How do you like to learn - by doing things, through listening, by creating?
    • Which electives reflect your hobbies or what you like to do outside of school?

    Joanne Holmes

    Deputy Principal Learning and Teaching

    Science Week Activities

    It’s Science Week (15-23 August) and students in all year levels are invited to take part in a range of activities designed to engage our aritsts, writers, creators and of course those who love science.

    This year’s theme is Deep Blue: Innovation for the Future of Our Oceans.

    Students can participate in as many activities as they like and house points will be awarded for all submissions.

    Photography Competition

    There are two themes in the Science Week Photography Competition: Science (any photo that represents science, no limitations) and Sustainability (any photo that represents sustainability). Students can enter a maximum of one photo for each category. There are three categories for entries: Year 7 - 9, Year 10 - 12 and Staff.

    Environmental Awareness Campaign

    Students are invited to create a poster or video (no longer than 1 minute 30 seconds) that highlights an environmental issue relating to our oceans, or a sustainable solution strategy to protect and preserve our oceans and their natural ecosystems. Students should provide tips on what our community can do to reduce the impact we have on our oceans and their biodiversity. There are two categories for entries: Year 7 - 9, and Year 10 - 12.

    Creative Writing Challenge

    The prompt is: How will our world look in 100 years? Students can choose to write about a world in which environmental issues were managed well, or a world in which they were too much to handle. There is no word limit. There are two categories for entries: Year 7 - 9, and Year 10 - 12.

    Sustainability Solution

    When fishers target species, they also sometimes catch other species by accident. These non-targeted species are called bycatch and can include fish, sharks, marine mammals, marine reptiles, and sea birds or invertebrates such as crabs and shells. Students are challenged to re-engineer a range of bycatch reduction devices. They can submit blueprints or a model.

    If you have any questions or would like to submit an entry, email epiacquadio@sfcc.vic.edu.au. Entries close on Sunday 23 August and winners will be announced next month.

    Elizabeth Piacquadio

    STEM Coordinator

    Year 7 2022 Enrolments

    Enrolment applications for Year 7, 2022 are due on Friday 9 October 2020.

    To obtain or submit an application form, email enrolments@sfcc.vic.edu.au.

    You will be contacted regarding payment of the $50 enrolment fee when your application is processed.

    Applicants will be notified by mail of the result of their application by Tuesday 1 December 2020.

    Student Leadership Applications

    Applications for the 2021 CRC Melton Student Leadership Team are now open.

    All Year 10 and 11 students who are interested in becoming a voice for their peers and representing the College should submit their application by Sunday 30 August 2020.

    Role descriptions, information about how to apply and an application form are available below.

    Students who have questions or concerns can contact their Year Level Coordinator or myself. All applications can be emailed to npandi@sfcc.vic.edu.au

    2021 Student Leadership Team Applications
    Student Leadership Role Descriptions
    2021 Student Leadership Application Form

    Nirasha Pandi

    Student Leadership Coordinator

    Italian Quiz

    Famous Italians from all walks of life will be the subjects of a new Italian Quiz for students.

    Each week, students from a different year level will be asked to answer a Who Am I question posted on SIMON on Mondays.

    Last week, Year 7 student Alanis Furtado was the winner of house points for Glasheen when she used the Who Am I clues to guess the name of legendary Italian soccer player Roberto Baggio.

    This week it’s over to the Year 8 students to guess the name of an Italian sculptor, painter, architect and poet of the High Renaissance. The full question appears on SIMON and there are also prizes for the winning entry.

    Answers should be emailed to Mrs Claudia Russo at crusso@sfcc.vic.edu.au with the winner announced on our social media pages later in the week.

    Languages Team

    Support for local business

    The first edition of our Community Business Directory is now available.

    Our Student Representative Council developed the initiative to support businesses owned by families of our CRC community during these difficult times.

    If you are a past student of CRC Melton or currently have a child attending the school and are interested in promoting your business in the directory, please email src@sfcc.vic.edu.au for an Expression of Interest Form.

    We look forward to hearing from you and continuing to promote your business among our College community.

    CRC Melton Business Directory 180820

    Student Representative Council

    VCAL Work Related Skills

    Our Year 11 VCAL Work Related Skills students have been busy in the kitchen and the garden thanks to their teacher Ms Margaret Rowe Watts.

    On their last day onsite before beginning Distance Learning Mode almost two weeks ago, each student was sent home with a bag of ingredients and some vegetable seeds to plant.

    With the food, students were asked to prepare two meals considering all the health and safety precautions required. In an online class, the students discussed the use by and best before dates of each ingredient, which led to a consideration of the ethical issues related to eggs and the difference between caged, barn laid and free-range.

    Pictured below are some of the dishes created so far by students and the vegetable seedlings they have planted. A vegetable-packed pasta sauce and salad submitted of Ruby O’Brien, a plate of chocolate truffles by Piper Zarb and plantings by Jess Macpherson, Robert Dale Barnett and Ruby O’Brien.

    New eBooks

    New eBook and audiobook titles to keep students entertained and engaged have been added to our ePlatform.

    Searching for a book is now even easier on the new Infiniti Library Catalogue.

    Simply open the link from SIMON and search by author, subject, genre, topic or title and Infiniti will find all the relevant titles on ePlatform. You can then click the link and borrow your eBook or audiobook.

    If you would like help with searching or borrowing, you can email Mr Michael Hill mhill@sfcc.vic.edu.au.

    New Titles

    Australia’s Great War 1918Libby Gleeson
    Joyous and MoonbeamRichard Yaxley
    My Life as a HashtagGabrielle Williams
    Peeling the OnionWendy Orr
    Pretty Girls Don’t EatWinnie Salamon
    Promising AzraHelen Thurloe
    The Fifth RoomA J Rushby
    The Great Godden Meg Rosoff
    The Pain, My Mother, Sir Tiffy, Cyber Boy & MeMichael Gerard Bauer
    This is My Song Richard Yaxley

    SFCC Library Team

    Parents and Friends

    Our Parents and Friends Association meeting held at the end of June covered a wide range of topics, providing parents with the opportunity to hear about the latest developments at the College.

    Principal Marlene Jorgensen spoke about preparations for next year's production, the introduction of two Year Level Coordinators in 2021, the Bulman's Road upgrade and the cladding on the Performing Arts Centre.

    Following this, our Student Leadership Coordinator outlined the structure and opportunities that students have in leadership programs at the College, including the Student Leadership team, Peer Support and the Student Representative Council. 

    At our next meeting on Wednesday 26 August, Teacher Librarian Michael Hill will introduce Infiniti, our new library management system. Infiniti has a user-friendly interface and will provide our Alexandria Resource Centre staff with a variety of tools to target curriculum resources for particular groups. Students and teachers can find all resources available to them in one simple search, at home or at school. Michael's demonstration will highlight some of these features.

    Due to COVID-19, meetings are currently being held remotely through the Microsoft Teams platform. If you did not attend the last meeting but would like to be part of the next one, please email kmatthews@sfcc.vic.edu.au to receive the information required to join the meeting.

    The next Parents and Friends meeting will be held on Wednesday 26 August at 7pm. All families are welcome to attend.
    Kerrie-Ann Matthews

    Director of Community Relations

    Virtual Cross Country Update

    Glasheen has earned a huge lead this week in the Virtual Cross Country sitting more than 230 kilometres ahead of the competition.

    Students in Year 8 are leading in the year level tally, having run more than 140 kilometres since the challenge began. The tallies and top scorers after Week 2 are pictured below.  

    All kilometres run by students also count towards our College total for the SACCSS Virtual Cross Country Competition. You can email jgrech@sfcc.vic.edu.au to take part and add to our College, your house and year level's efforts.

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